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11. Posted by ronin (First Time Poster 1 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!


I understand you desire to travel

I honestly do not think that with 17 you're too young to go off on your own...

I started early (ok, my mother has been a backpacker all her life, so I guess backpackers blood flows at high pressure through my veins :) )... actually the first time I wen off on my own I was just 14...

then with 16 I walked from the very north of scotland down to loch ness and around... alone, wintertime, and with a small tent and some food... it was a lot of fun...

turning 17 I spent a month in vietnam (alone) backpacking from saigon up to the chinese border and back to hanoi...

now I'm almost 24 and have seen many more places... got lot of good memories forever etched into my mind... and my only real wish, still is to be on the road as much as I can, me and my rucksack (I like to travel light, so it's mainly a 35ltrs...)

What shall I say? GO FOR IT!


12. Posted by ZazuToo (Full Member 27 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!


Yeah, it is hard to let go sometimes, and I remember that was something that I never thought about when I was a teen. My daughter had been planning her gap year before she knew the term existed, and got us used to the idea little by little. I just returned from visiting her in Bolivia over the holidays and was very pleased to see how well she was doing. I told her how proud I was that she was so independent and she admitted that part of her wanted to go home with us and forgo the rest of her traveling. It made all of us feel very warm and cosy.l


13. Posted by brigiboo (Full Member 22 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

i went to europe alone when i was sixteen (im from n. america too). i think as long as you have every step of your journey meticulously planned (as unadventurous as that sounds) you'll be alright. do you know anyone, even remotely, in the countries you are thinking of going to (incase of emergency)? also, look into getting a cell phone with an international calling plan. my cell works in every country but japan, it's the same phone number everywhere. it really helped my parent's state of mind knowing we could communicate at all times. finally check out STA (student travel agency). they're very helpful, can get you tons of discounts and are reachable at all times for help. good luck!

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