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High all

I'm selling everything and will be going to australia on a working hlooiday visa. I allready have the visa and pasport. I leave when my house is sold. Off course i'll need to change adres then so I will get a new ID. So my passport and visa will be on a different adres. Do you think this will give me trouble ??? After one year australia and if I don't succeed in finding a way to stay there I keep travelling till till. Anybody any advice ???

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Hi skaldis,

I don't know about passports from other countries, but the one's from the US only have the city and state of issue printed in them. They leave us lines for writing our own addres in. We fill out our address information, but do it in pencil so it can be changed as we change residences. The fact that it is in pencil, and has not always matched our driver's license address, has not mattered when traveling. As long as you ID is current, and all your personal info matches, I don't think your will run into too much trouble.

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Very strange. I have an electronic passport with electronic photo and all (need it to get into the US btw) and you americans can gum you're adresses. Very funny. This article is funny also

The man on the picture of the belgian passport is our former minister of foureign affairs. I think he's on an american deathlist now :-)
Thanx for the answer, I also think now it won't be much of a problem.