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Hey guys,

So I'm graduating college in May and want to spend a couple weeks in South America afterwards, preferably in the months of May/June/July/August.

It's kind of last minute, and I haven't travelled overseas in years, so this is really just a preliminary post to see if it's even a realistic idea.

So my questions are:

How's my timing? Are the months I listed good for traveling in South America?

Where should I go?! Two weeks isn't nearly enough time to do even half of all the awesome things, but it's all I'll have. I'm quite adventurous and speak a fair amount of Spanish, so there isn't much I would shy away from. But that being said, I'm also not ashamed to go more of a "vacation" route and look into all-inclusive packages with planned itineraries. It's not ideal, but with the limited time I have, I feel like I can't really do the "full immersion" type trip I'd prefer, so going with a pre-planned trip might make more sense. Either way though, If you had to play triage and only pick a couple weeks worth of destinations, which would you choose personally?

I know those are some pretty broad and yet specific questions, but I'm just trying to get a feel for what this community thinks.

Thanks for any input!

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dont go...not enough time!!!

or just go to Cartengena,,and spend 2 week there

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Go, go, go!
Select only one country.
2 weeks are a bit short for Peru or Bolivia. With 2 weeks I would say Ecuador (without the Galapagos).

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I would say you can choose one or two places from Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Orlando and Alabama to spend your two weeks. There are many water sports activities available which you will enjoy during the months you have mentioned.

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So I started in Ecuador and Finished in Brazil, probably the most incredible thing I've ever done!

Firstly, 2 weeks is not long enough!!! where ever you end up going you'll want to stay there way longer than weeks!

If you want adventure I'd say Peru and do the Inca Trail, it'st he hardest thing you'll ever do but also the most incredible thing you'll ever do!

If you want "vacation" then I highly highly suggest Illah Grande and Paraty, they are islands just off of Brazil, absolutely stunning! you can pretty much walk around these islands in a day but there is so much to do! it's a very relaxed beachy vibe on both islands, beautiful people and beautiful food. If you are looking for somewhere to relax then these are the places! There is also opportunity for a lot of walking, If you find the right people you can walk through the jungle to some of the most beautiful secluded beaches, there are also boat taxi's that will take you to these beaches very very cheaply!

I honestly can't recommend these 2 islands enough, I stayed there the last 2 weeks of my trip , a week in each place and it was the most perfect way to end my incredible tour. Obviously if you had longer I'd tell you to go everywhere in South America btu as you've only got weeks I definitely suggest the islands!

Hope that's some help!

Chloe :)

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Wow, I hadn't seen much activity so I gave up, but it's great to see these responses.

Thanks guys, solid advice! Definitely helps me narrow in on my options!

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