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in reply to all. Common sense needs to apply. Yes we have spiders and snakes (including the most poisonous in the world), that if you are really unlucky or in the wrong place at the right time can give you a nasty bite. In the cities and the burbs you are unlikey to encounter them, but it does happen. If you must leave footwear outside, then of course you should shake it out before wearing, and never place your hand where you can't see it. The majority of snakes will sense you coming and be long gone before you reach them, if by chance you walk up on one sunning itself just back off slowly, no sudden movement, don't panic, you will only get bitten if you cause the snake grief i.e. you cut off it's escape route or you step on it, this is only likely to occur in the bush or rain forests, again common sense, keep your eyes open. If do you get bitten then try and remember what it looked like and remain calm and have someone go for help, we have anti-venom for virtually every bite you could get in Australia.
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Especially for girlygirl9 and Donna OZ (and anyone else who may be interested. I posted this in a different thread, thought you might enjoy this :

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ah-you ppl give me a laugh!!

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Isnt it funny how people ask this - My Austrain friend was scared out of her wits before heading to OZ! Like everyone else has said the big bugs are mostly found in the Outback and more rural areas. I only seen 3 big spiders throughout my life time so far!
There are some really cool insects too not to be afraid of. I once worked in a hotel in Cairns and had a call from and American tourist telling me there was a crocodile in his room - when I went up to the room he was standing on the bed in fear - I asked him to show me where it was and it was a baby gheko about the size of a finger!!