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Solo Traveller Thailand Nov16

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I'm heading out to Thailand solo in November (don't have the exact date yet) for about 3-4 weeks and looking for travel partners.

Im 23 male and from the UK, Just looking for new experiences and adventures.

Also, any advice will be appreciated as this will be my first time backpacking


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Quite a few travel forums have posts from "solo" tourists. Do a forum search and read some of those posts. Also buying or borrowing a simple printed travel guide can be helpful. You don't really need anyone to accompany you to have fun.

Buying round trip to Bangkok might be cheaper than a one way flight to Thailand and a one way flight home. If you intend to fly one way you could have a problem with leaving your home airport without a Tourist Visa. (The Visa Exemption stamp you get at a Thai airport is when you have a round trip flight or flight out of Thailand before 30 days is up.) This is called "proof of onward travel."
Foreigners entering Thailand by any means under the Tourist Visa Exemption category are required at the port of entry to have proof of onward travel (confirmed air, train, bus or boat tickets) to leave Thailand within 30 days of the arrival date (otherwise a tourist visa must be obtained).

Plan a budget out and decide how much money you have available for daily spending. Then decide how much per day you will use for your hotel rooms. Forum search for hotels in your price range. Or ask for hotel advice in your price range. (Use Thai baht.) For big cities also say where in the city you want your hotel located. Ex. Bangkok perhaps Khao San Road area or Sukhumvit Nana or Asoke area, etc.

You can't do too much research but you can do too little. Change your currency in Thailand for best return. Someone usually says don't change at the airport but that rate will still be better than what you can get back home and without any commission charged. Don't rely on a single debit or credit card. You could lose that card or some "person" you meet could steal it. Have a back up source of spending money. When you bring cash no old printings, stick to the larger denominations because it takes up less room in your wallet. (If you bring a debit/cash/credit card tell the bank you will be visiting Thailand before leaving home. When withdrawals start coming in from foreign ATM's the bank may suspect fraud. There is a fee to use Thai ATMs. Take out the maximum you can at one time. Don't pay big fees for small withdrawals. Exchange rates are not fixed and can change more than once during working days.

Take care of your passport! Maybe photocopy the data page and after the visa stamp page. Keep copies separate from passport. DO NOT get the PP wet or remove any pages!

Save your flight data and itinerary email you get from the airline. You can pull up the info later if you need the confirmation number. Thailand has cheap internet shops you can use for cheap money if you do not have a computer. Many cheap hotels have free wifi.

Forum search and even a simple Google search can be helpful! Google can give you info on how to get from place to place but verify the information for accuracy. Thailand is pretty big! Compare the size of Bangkok with London and compare the square miles of Thailand with GB. Pretty big! (Good bus service, rail service from top to bottom and discount airlines!)

Avoid traveling with dopers and troublemakers. Thai police won't take any crap from tourists and will be happy to throw everyone in jail and sort things out later - maybe months later!

3. Posted by Jmcauley1 (Budding Member 2 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the detailed reply!

Onward travel will be booked as I am headed to Australia after Thailand on a WHV and will be meeting up with a few friends in Sydney.

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