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I'm going to Oz at the end of Sept for a year.I'm going by myself which is scary!! I've been lucky enough to have been before (2yrs ago with a friend) but its different when your going solo! so if your planing on coming over around the same time and want to maybe meet up then just contact me through my email

Laura , Age 22 from Berkshire

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Don't be scared of Australia ! Says the native Australian :) I have a lot of relatives that come and visit me, and I'll give you a few of their opinions of Australia..
Sydney is a better city for photos, melbourne is a better city for food and entertainment. But you have to know where you're going.. there are several streets all over Melbourne worth checking out. Brisbane is nice to enjoy the beach, but don't stay for too long.

Remember that Australia is as big as Europe, and it takes about an hour and a half to fly Melb-Syd, same for Syd-Bris. Perth to Sydney is about 5 hours flight, and are 3 hours time difference.

Australians are generally quite helpful, but you have to ask first!
Hope that helps!
Enjoy your trip.

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Hi Laura,

I'm in the very same boat! I'm at the early stages of making plans to go to Oz for a year in Sept or Oct (finances permitting!!) Never been before but have 2 friends over there who will be there only until December, so have been lookin out for someone who'll be there a bit longer. I'm a Psychiatric Nurse so will probably join an agency over there, although wont rule out anything else to be honest.

Anyone else out there?? The more the merrier!!!!


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Hey guys,
Well u will already b in Oz when i am planning 2 head out nxt May o6 never been b4 and havent found any1 2 go wiv yet which is v scary!!!I am a paediatric nurse and was considering going 2 work in Oz but when i have more experience in the future as ive only just qualified!wud b realy interesting 2 c the difference in nursing abroad.

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Hi all,

ive booked my ticket yesterday! yep definitely going excited.

Trailfinders found me a good route: London to Bangkok (12/10) from Singapore to Cairns form Melbourne to Auckland from Christchurch to Hong Kong & home to London end of March. Ticket was £870 (inc tax)

My original route was to leave Christchurch to Fiji to LA & home which would have cost me £1186 (inc tax)

If anyone wants to joining me on this route i will be more than happy to forward my exact itineary.

Happy travel planning!

Aileen .

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Well done A, now doesn't it feel brill!!!!

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it realy does Jasmine...what date are u leaving for Oz?

So excited just want to go today!