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Do you have a favourite item of travel 'gear'?

Travel Forums Travel Gear Do you have a favourite item of travel 'gear'?

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1. Posted by OldPro (Inactive 400 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

I wouldn't say I really have one item I consider my 'favourite' item of travel gear but I do have several items that I wouldn't travel without.

The first is my trusty Swiss Army Knife. I can't count the number of times this has been the solution to dealing with something while I was travelling. I once used it to re-attach the sole of a hiking boot to the upper by using the awl to make holes in the sole and then use snare wire to re-attach the sole to the upper. I can't count the number of times the corkscrew has been used to open a bottle of vino for a picnic lunch. The tweezers have pulled out many a cactus thorn from my legs. The list is endless.

A relatively recent addition to my travel gear is a Buff. Recent as in the last 10 years. Far more than a scarf or a hat, it weighs next to nothing and takes up almost no space. For those not familiar with a Buff, look here:

Do you have any item of travel gear that you 'never leave home without'?

2. Posted by Tabithag (Full Member 108 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

I can't say I have a favourite piece but, along with the usuals like penknife, padlock for lockers etc, we have recently started taking a small microwave bowl with us when we travel. It is small and light, you can pack stuff in it when on the move, but we use it regularly in hostels where the kitchens aren't well equipped, and it has doubled as a mug or glass on occasion. It's far from essential, but has made life easier many times. And we used it to pack a few small breakables in on our last trip too.

Of course, the real long term travel essential for me these days is a tablet or laptop, which gives us books and music, allows us to upload photos and do online banking, gives us Skype contact with families, as we as making travel planning so much easier than years ago. Sad, but true!

3. Posted by GEWard (Budding Member 2 posts) 35w 1 Star this if you like it!

Hey, while traveling my most loved thing that I carry always is my Sunglasses. I like to wear sunglasses, at whatever point I'm outside. Aside from this sunglasses shield my eyes from unsafe beams likewise look classy.

4. Posted by Teoni (Respected Member 433 posts) 35w Star this if you like it!

My lenovo yoga tablet 2. They don't sell them anymore and it is a little sad because it is perfect for travelling. It has a really long battery so I don't have to plug it in often, great for downloading and transferring photos, surfing the internet, detachable keyboard so I can use it like a normal laptop or tablet and best of all it was so inexpensive. Now anything like this is over a thousand bucks I dread the day it breaks. Another thing that I find essential though not an actual device but an app you would use on a device is WhatsApp. You can call, text and video call all for free (or the cost of WiFi if you have to pay) It is a great way to keep in contact back home.

Two other things I got that are not really essential but make life easier. These little things called Nut Tags, you can attach to devices and you pair it via Blutooth with your phone and if you leave either behind it sends an alarm to let you know you are leaving it behind. In the worldwind of travel this can be quite useful. It is also equiped with a GPS tracker if you really lose something. Also a Power Cube. It is a power board but in cube form, a bit more expensive but more compact for travelling. WIth it you can charge everything you need even with only one socket accesible and it saves on travel adapters.

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6. Posted by Piecar (Travel Guru 1027 posts) 32w Star this if you like it!

My World Famous haversack. I've been to 61 countries as of the last trip... And that bag had seen 50 of them. There's a deck of cards I have carried since my very first trip. That pack had gone unused... One Day those [snip] cards will win the day, I swear.

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7. Posted by Beausoleil (Travel Guru 480 posts) 32w Star this if you like it!

My travel essentials would be my laptop, my Tillie hat and my Maglite. If I have those, I can handle the rest. I always take my painting supplies, but if I didn't have them, I'd grab a pencil and paper someplace and be perfectly happy. Of course sufficient money is always useful . . .

8. Posted by greatgrandmaR (Travel Guru 555 posts) 32w Star this if you like it!

My camera is one thing I do not travel without. I wear a hat, but don't really care which one as long as it has a brim and a chin strap. I don't carry a knife. But I have to have a camera. We were driving my mother to the airport - we had pulled her out of the garden and she didn't have her shoes and stockings on. But she forgot her camera and she had to go back for it. (And she did make the plane - this was in 1974)

9. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1944 posts) 32w Star this if you like it!

I take some of the same things mentioned above. Swiss Army Knife, Leatherman type pliers, needle and thread and small flashlight. Some string for tying stuff together and a thin clothesline and miscellaneous bits and pieces . All this stuff doesn't take up much room at all. Above stuff I pack in a zipper pouch that goes in my check in bag.

One thing I always travel with is a small immersion coil for heating a cup of water for coffee or tea. Looks like the device shown below. You can find these things cheaper than what shows below. I pack the coil with a few instant coffee packets (cream, sugar and coffee same envelope) and a plastic cup for holding the water. Plastic spoon too. (Coil, coffee and spoon fit in the cup and everything stuffed in a small cloth bag to keep it clean.) I have used this thing in airports with long layovers and in lots of cheap hotels even heating water for instant soup.

One coil I bought in Thailand is 220 volts is the one I travel with. It will work in the US (110 volts) but it takes longer for water to boil. Another coil I have is 110 volts will work overseas but really, really fast with the 220 volts so don't turn your back on this one! Never remove these coils from the water when plugged in! Otherwise this will be the last time you use this device. The coil will melt if you take it out of the water while still plugged in!

Looks like this:

Have some wet wipes with you, they come in handy to clean your hands off and even the tray at your plane seat too.

I bring a laptop with me. For years I had a good 10 inch netbook with 500 HD for travel but that was old XP. Not a lot of good netbooks have same capacity HD so I carry my bigger laptop for now.


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10. Posted by Beausoleil (Travel Guru 480 posts) 32w Star this if you like it!

Quoting karazyal

Have some wet wipes with you, they come in handy to clean your hands off and even the tray at your plane seat too.


Yes, I always carry wet wipes at home and traveling. They are great. When you have a cleaning emergency, they are lifesavers.