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Need to see the world, but don't know that much about travel

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1. Posted by Masema (First Time Poster 1 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Hey everyone. So I ventured out for the first time last summer to New York for the first time and I don't know if it was experiencing new things, or exploring, the sights, smells, sounds. The feeling is something that can't really be explained, but it has me hooked. I see these people that get so caught up in petty little things that end up consuming their lives and I can't be one of those people. I can't be a slave to a career. I want to get out and see the world and experience everything that it has to offer. I want to meet people of different lands and cultures. I want to try food from all around the world, but actually be there when I try it. I want to do all the things that you see in the travel blog videos that I've been hooked on recently. To give you a background I'm a 25 year old American male and would be traveling solo.

So to accomplish this I have a rough outline of a plan and I want to see if any experienced travelers can help me fine tune some points of it or give me some advise. I'm planning on taking around a year or 18 months to see the world. I want to go to South America first, next would be Asia, then Australia, Africa, then Europe. I know that Hostels are generally the cheapest way to go and I'm not that concerned about comfort, more on the experiences. Traveling from city to city and country to country is something that I'm not that familiar with. I know that in America we have train and bus systems that connect the whole country but some of the places that I'm planning on visiting might not have that. I'm wondering what types of transportation are available in some of the lesser developed countries. Be advised that I ask this question in total ignorance.

I'm planning on doing this once in my life, maybe twice if I'm still alive at 60 or 65. I need to know of some things that I can not miss. People say magic doesn't exist in this world and I beg to differ. I think that it exists in the experiences that we have and the connections that we make. So tell me of some of the magic that you've experienced, a place or a people that have changed your life. If I could only go to one place, what would it be? What are the places that you checked off your bucket list? What were places and sights that took your breath away? What cultures did you learn the most from? What are the foods that blew your mind? I'm open to any and all suggestions.

Also I need to know which countries are the hardest to get a visa for an American, and how far out I should plan for those countries. Some countries like Japan require that you have a round trip ticket. Seeing as how I'm not going on a round trip is there any way to get around these requirements especially if I can prove that I'm not planning to stay in their country for an extended period?

Keep in mind guys that I have very little travel experience and I know very little as well. Some of these might seem like stupid questions but i would really appreciate all the help you could give. Thanks in advance.

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4. Posted by hasbeen (Travel Guru 1260 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

You need to do a lot of Googling .. I googled 'which countries are the hardest to get a visa for an American' & got 691 thousand results but you only need to look at the top 10. The first result did not mention Brazil which I always understood to be time consuming to get because the US makes it so for Brazilians,

You are going to have to consider how you are going to support yourself.

Look at your State Department - they have a wealth of information about countries, or the CIA world Fact Book does too.

The UK Foreign Office has useful stuff too even if you are not from the UK.

Use Google Maps to work out routes & transport & distances. Flight Network or some such for flight info.

TravellersPoint Accommodation & Travel Guide offers good stuff.

Your post is far to broad - come back often & ask more specific questions.

As for places to go - go to Myanmar before everyone else does.

Lots of stuff before you go or - stick a pin in a map & go there, go there tomorrow, when you get there, go some place else, or not.

Happy travels


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5. Posted by OldPro (Inactive 400 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

I suggest you do a lot of 'lurking' and reading on travel forums like this one and others. There are countless threads posted on RTW and Gap Year travel which is what you are talking about. You are probably something like the 6,187,823rd person to post in a travel forum that they have decided they want to take a year out and travel the world and many of them for much the same reasons as you give.

At this point, you are not really ready yet to start asking any questions in forums. You first need to spend the time researching. Start here:

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7. Posted by katzgar (Inactive 220 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

I suggest you grab a bottle of your favorite potable and go sit under a tree and give it some thought as to what type of cultural experience you want, in other words get it narrowed down further.