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I am looking to get some advice. I travel to Australia on Friday and the Visa was done for me by my work. I am going to visit one of our offices out there to carry out some work. I am in the country for 5 days only. The visa that has been done for me is linked to my passport and has been approved UD/601 ETA.

I thought nothing else of it until reading a few website and now I am totally unsure of what to do. My problem is I have a criminal record and I spent 3 years in prison. That was nearly 10 years ago and I have since then got a degree and held down a number of jobs in my field. I am not sure what I should do with regards to declaring this when I land. Do I just tick no on the travel card and go from there? My Visa was approved last week (12th) and this trip was pretty short notice.

I guess I am asking will the border control when scanning my passport see my criminal record? or if I tick yes to having a criminal conviction on the landing card will they even let me in? It will be a very difficult situation if I am turned away after my work has paid for me to go in the first place.

I have also since changed my surname so not sure if that will help

Thanks for any advice in advance.

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When your passport is scanned there is no connection to any criminal records check.

But if you tick "no" on the entry card then you are of course committing fraud. This is a criminal offence.

Now nobody may ever find out about it, but this will catch up with you if, in the future, you ever need to apply for another visa and you do declare your criminal record. The Department will then know that you did not declare your conviction this time around (they keep all records of people who arrive in and depart from Australia). This may prevent you getting a visa in the future.

If it is at all possible for you to delay the trip and apply for a visitor visa again, and then declare your conviction, so that you do get a visa without having to hide anything, this would be the best way forward.

I should also say, if you have just been granted a visitor visa, your visa does NOT allow you to work! So if you are intending on working you are going to be in breach of that condition too! If the Department finds out you will be banned from re-entering Australia for up to 3 years. Your employer should have applied for a visitor visa with work rights.

Hope this helps.

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Unfortunately I am not in a position to postpone. Also I will not be going back. I am being sent as a last resort as I am really scared of flying. I am only going as the office needs the IT set up to allow them to access systems in the UK.

Work have gotten me a business visa. So yes I am going out there to carry out work but only for my company with no money being paid to me while I am out there other than my UK based wages.

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