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Hey guys,

So id love to travel around either South America or Thailand in June/July/August.

Im open to ideas, itinerary...
But mainly I'm looking for a travel buddy!


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Do you expect to augment your spending money by working in any of these countries? Or will you have sufficient money to support yourself for the duration of your time overseas?

Don't wait to the last minute to get a passport if you don't have one yet.

Where are you starting from? You must factor in the cost of plane rides from your home to various countries and return. Different countries means different visa requirements. You must know how to have access to money when away from home. Not advisable to travel around with ten thousand dollars in your pocket, especially if you intend to stay in cheap places with little security.

One suggestion is to do Asia as one bundle. Fly to Bangkok and see Thailand then from Thailand visit nearby countries. You can go overland from Thailand to Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia. Return to Bangkok again for flight home. (Round trip flight might be cheaper from your country than two one way flights. Do the math!) Traveling between Thailand and nearby countries is cheap.


Millions of young people visit Thailand and nearby countries all the time. Google and forum searches can be helpful for background data. Even an old fashioned printed travel guide can be helpful. Lonely Planet travel guides are popular.

If you enter with a one way plane ticket or will be there over 30 days you will have to buy a Tourist Visa. One exception to this is when you have a plane ticket out of the country before 30 days is up. (Proof of onward travel.) The problem could be just leaving your home airport without a visa and no ticket out of Thailand in 30 days. Old link for Visa Exemption requirements below:

You can not legally work in Thailand without a Work Permit. They are not easy to get.

For Thailand you can bring debit cards and withdraw money from ATMs. (There is a fee for using ATMs so take out the maximum.) You must inform your bank that you will be using their card overseas. Do not rely on a single card. A single card could be stolen or lost and you will be out of spending money. When you bring cash currency only bring the largest denominations you can get. No old currency, no writing on the bills, no dirt or stains. Do a Google search for bringing money to Thailand. (For most Western currencies you get a better rate of exchange in Thailand than other countries. No problem changing some money at Bangkok airports 24 hours a day.) Rates are not fixed. No big commission to change money in Thai banks. See link below:


Bangkok has 2 airports, Suvarnabhumi gets most of the flights from Europe and N. America and Don Muang gets many flights from nearby countries. These airports are not close.

For the months you will be in Asia you will encounter some rain. However, tourists arrive in Thailand every day of the year no matter what the weather is. Hotels are cheaper during low season. Rain varies from city to city. Thailand is almost 200,000 square miles. See link below and read weather for various cities:

You can visit Thailand on your own without any problems too. TravBuddy Forum has posts asking about travel buddies. Don't use dope or hang around with any dopers when in Asia. Police in Asia take dope seriously and long sentences in prison or execution is a penalty.

Someone else can do S. America. But check weather, visa requirements, cost of flights and safety.

Up to you!

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Thank you for your advice, appreciate it, v kind.

Im currently planning my journey, so I have a rough budget...

South America is my favourite tbh, so I am focusing on that.

Flights of course have been taken into consideration and visa.

Would you recommend any particular sites for accommodation?


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"... particular sites for accommodation?"

You can pull up various travel forums and ask for recommendations too. This means you should have a rough idea of where in the particular city you need a hotel and for how much. Ask for hotel or hostel suggestions in your price range.

If you arrive off season and during the day hours you can often get rooms with a walk-in. But have some idea of where to direct the taxi to. For instance, some younger tourists in Bangkok may prefer to stay in the Khao San Road area. Sample below:


Only you know your price range, sample forum search:

Pull up travel forums for S. America and ask for hotel help. Also do forum searches with a laptop or tablet.

If you find your flight will get in during the middle of the night it might be a good idea to have a hotel to direct the taxi to.

(For Asia, I have familiar hotels that I return to. They have websites where I can reserve a room with an email or a call from the city area. Some hotel websites have rooms you can book with your credit card. There are some dedicated websites just for hostels but I never use hostels.)

Common to any country you visit is to know how to best get from airport to hotel/hostel.

For any city you visit Google check for scams to be aware of!!!!

Good luck.

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Cheers pal, appreciate it!

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