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1. Posted by grant123 (Full Member 38 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I was looking at plane fares from California to Greece and it looks like at least $1600. How would it work to get the cheapest flight I can to Europe and then take a train to Greece? The Greek Isles in particular. It seems like that could save a lot of money.

- Grant

2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Try checking fares to somewhere popular that isn't too far away... Rome for example. I'm not sure about the price of the train ticket though, so it would be interesting to see how it compares. It might quickly end up costing the same...


3. Posted by 28102001 (Inactive 7 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Dear Grant,

It will be easier and cheaper to get a flight to London or Frankfurt, anyway you will have a stop over as there are no any direct flights from California to Greece.
From London or Frankfurt you can find then charter flights to Athens or directly to most of the resort destinations as Crete, Rhodes, Myconos or Santorini.
Train will not so cheap, if you want to do the schedule let say Frankfurt - Athens compare with a charter flight. Train travel will need at least 2-3 days compare to the 3 hours flight for the same schedule.
At your disposal if you make your final desicion and you need any info for Greece.


4. Posted by liquidbw (Budding Member 6 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

$1600. is that 2 tickets?
i just got my tickets from san francisco stopoff in fankfurt and then to athens. the 2 tickets with tax came to $1712 USD.

5. Posted by grant123 (Full Member 38 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!


Where did you get your tickets? I'd love to get one that cheap.


Sounds good, but can you give me any tips on putting that all together? When I tell Expedia about my departure and arrival locations I end up with super-expensive tickets.

- Grant

6. Posted by liquidbw (Budding Member 6 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

i was just looking for a place where i could get flight from greece to italy and i ran accross this site
it doesnt have what i want but it may have those rates you are looking for. and for future flight booking dont ever use expida or cheeptickets or any of those places, they are all rip offs.
i used a travel agent from so cal i think here is there number 800-569-5946. not sure what the rates are now. im going to guess that they are getting more expesive cause its getting closer to summer. good luck

7. Posted by bluewaav (Inactive 627 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Grant 123,

You should probably fly out of LA, or San Francisco. I'd lean towards LA. But that is just a guess, based on what I know about the most less expensive (best deals) cities to fly out of.

Flying into London is usually a pretty cheap way to go, as the flights, especially out of, London, are really really good deals, most of the time.



8. Posted by maridod (Full Member 114 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I am looking for a ticket to Athens as well, except I will be flying from Texas. Since I have not found any really cheap tickets....I am going to fly into London. From London, I am taking easyjet to Athens. Let me know if you find I am just a college student on a budget.

9. Posted by rbyslipahs (Respected Member 349 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I've found the most economical way to travel to Europe is to fly out of whatever major airport you're nearest to London. From there, take EasyJet or RyanAir to get to wherever it is you need to go. Prices on the regional discount airlines are so much cheaper than a direct flight from the states. I live in St. Louis, and if I have to pay more than about $400 ($450 max), I keep looking! I usually pay about $350 before taxes. Priceline is an option, but I don't know how much I'd trust it because it's nice to have the option of changing an aspect of your flight, something I've found necessary on a couple of occasions.

Another GREAT carrier, and I can't say enough good about them, is Icelandair. They have fantastic rates, though sometimes you do have to be persistent when trying to pull up the rates. Look for their regular specials.

A good way to start searching: Go to Expedia or Travelocity and do a search there, esp. if you can do flexible dates, and then try going directly to the best-priced airlines' web sites. It can sometimes be even cheaper.

10. Posted by rbyslipahs (Respected Member 349 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Air Canada had really good deals last summer from the states. Try that!