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1. Posted by IronChef (Full Member 1076 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hey all. Last time I was using this site I moved from Virginia to California. Now I am moving back to Virginia.
I took a southerly route when I moved and got to see the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and a bunch of great things along the way.
Now that I am moving back I am trying to plan out my trip and take a little more northerly route. I am not really in a huge rush and want to enjoy the trip. I am going to be packing a fifteen foot or so moving truck and have a dog with me. She's a 23 lb. rescue and I think she's a Min Pin/Terrier mix but hard to tell.
I'll need to find places to either camp or stay each night and I am looking for ideas of places to stop along the way back from the west coast to the east coast.
Any ideas? Suggestions? Places of interest? All thoughts, tips and advice are appreciated.

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Well, since I still love the Southwest the best, maybe cut through part of it (like from Las Vegas to Zion to northern Grand Canyon to Antelope Canyon to Monument Valley to Moab), then cut a bit north and see some of Colorado (Steamboat Springs and Rocky Mountain National Park), then go all the way to the water parks in Minnesota (Shakopee), and in Wisconsin (Wisconsin Dells), then through northern Michigan and down across the Mackinaw Bridge through to Ann Arbor, then east through Cleveland (visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame), then through Pittsburgh, and south through the Civil War battleground site of Gettysburg, then down through Baltimore (Inner Harbor) and Washington, D.C. before entering into Virginia (obviously avoiding Washington DC if you plan to just go to western Virginia).

It's a long route this way, but you said you had time and wanted to see more unusual spots.


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You have done the other direction. For something different maybe go further north and go through Canada for a change.

In the US I have done the southern route when winter. When summer months I do a northern route. But it has been a while.

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what time of year is this trip? what do you like to see other than national parks?