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I am a 22 year old backpacker from the UK. I have currently backpacked Australia & many parts of Europe, I like the explore countries and cultures & live and work in many of the countries i stop in... However i want to experience a new vision of travelling to push myself into situations that are far away from the everyday or the normal i have experienced before so I have just booked a one way ticket to Bangkok (Landing on the 5th of October) after working in the UK for around a year.

I plan to travel Thailand, Laos, Cambodia (where i plan to volunteer for a month or so) and then of to Vietnam. This is the first time i have touched Asia so i was wondering if anyone had any advice, any amazing places to see or experience's you wish to share, or how you found it yourself travelling these countries? After i have finished these countries i am going to see how much funds i have left for other destinations eventually leading me back to Australia for another year.

I will roughly have £4000-£5000 and plan to travel for 4/5 months... is this enough?!

I am travelling by myself so currently have rough plans on my routes, but currently am doing research! So willing to meet up with other travelers as well if you are planning the same routes!

Drop me a message!


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With a one way flight to Thailand you should have a Tourist Visa you purchase ahead of time. Unless you have a flight out of Thailand within 30 days. With proof of onward travel you can enter with the free 30 day Visa Exemption stamp you get at the airport. (The problem might be just leaving your home country!)

Different countries means different visa requirements. In Thailand even volunteer work is supposed to have a work permit. Research if you need a work permit in other countries since you mention "volunteer for a month or so" in opening post.

"... have £4000-£5000 and plan to travel for 4/5 months..."

Looks like you have 1000 pounds a month. About 33 pounds a day. If you stay for less time you will have more money to spend each day and better food to eat and better place to sleep at.

Up to you.