what was your expenditure and itinerary for south east asia

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i'm basically looking for information on how much money/time you spent in SE Asia when you travelled there and any other general recommendations you might have

My boyfriend and i are currently in Australia on working holiday visa's and we can't decide if we want to travel South East Asia or get WHV's for Canada next.

My main concern with SE Asia is that we don't have enough time left in Australia to save up a decent budget and following that we wouldn't have enough time to do everything we'd like to in SE Asia before we'd have to head home for an important family event. (if we do Canada we would head home at the end of our Australian visa and work for 3 months/stay for the family event and then go out to Canada)

We would like to do Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia & hopefully also Sri Lanka if possible. We plan on mainly staying in hostels and eating street food/cooking for ourselves but we don't want to be stressing out about a budget, we'd like to be able to enjoy ourselves & do whatever takes our fancy in regards to activities without worrying about cost. Our timeline would probably be 1 month Thailand, 2 weeks Cambodia, 2 weeks Vietnam and 1 month Sri Lanka.

Is this timeline too rushed? If anything we could cut out Sri Lanka and rejig our time in the remaining countries accordingly. Maybe 6 weeks Thailand, 4 Vietnam, 2 Cambodia? IDK!

So to summarise: anybody who has travelled SE Asia what was your average spend per month and what level of accommodation/food/activities did this cover? Also how long did you spend in each country and was it enough to do all the main highlights?

thanks :)

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Hey there.
Budgeting can be difficult! But these countries are some of the best for it as they are very inexpensive. I spent 5 months in SE Asia, 3 years ago. It was my big trip and I didn't really budget at all. I ended up spending just over £4000, not including flights. The standards I had were a dorm room in a hostel each night, mostly eating street food (can sometimes work out cheaper than doing it yourself) and taking local transport.
Last year I went to Australia, and stopped off in Sri Lanka for 4 weeks - this place is the most expensive on your list. I budgeted on this trip (generally the same style of travel as before) and spent £600 total. However, entrance fees to ancient sites here can easily be $25-30 each place!

Your travel plans aren't especially too rushed but I'd recommend the 6 weeks Thai, 2 weeks Camb and 4 weeks Viet. That's pretty much how long I spent in each place and still didn't managed to quite see everything worthwhile. It's better not to rush things and take it easy - that's what I believe at least!

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to help :)

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thanks so much for your reply.

We've been thinking a lot and will probably delay our trip until after we've been home (maybe stop in sri lanka for one month and then head home/do family event/work for a bit) and then come out again once we have more money + don't have any time constraints so we can see/do everything we want, we will probably also incorporate other SE Asian countries then too.

I was hoping to do it on the way home cos I don't like flying so wanted to avoid flying back home then a flight back out but I'll suck it up if it means a better experience in Asia :)

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Been in Myanmar for week so far,done Yangon now in Pyay and heading to Mandalay tonight and has been costing me a 50-60 Australian dollars a day which has covered accommodation $20-$30 a day and the rest has been on local guide $5-20 depending on length of time and about $5 dollars has covered an evening meal and a few beers and most of the Buddhist Padgodas take $3-5 off you to enter hope this helps

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Local beer and food is cheaper.. But it's not free... Do not be tricked into thinking Thailand is cheap.. It's really not.. I spent 4,000GBP in 2 months and couldn't believe it!.. But I stayed in hotels, drank western drinks and ate whatever I wanted... I'm going back at the end of the year and will only eat and drink local.

Cambodia is still very underdeveloped and everything there seems to cost $1.00(US)... You can pick up awesome hostels in Cambodia for around $2.00 - $5.00 ranging from 4-8 bed dorms, some of these I stayed in were better than Western hostels..

One of the pluses you will find if you decide to go is the transport is very cheap!.. you can travel for a whole day on a bus (Which they run like clockwork) for around 20GBP and also boats to the island are cheap and run very well.

I would say before you make your decision factor in that you are not guaranteed a visa for Canada as you have to go through a pool (I'm assuming you're English or European).. I'm on my 3rd attempt to pick up a Canadian Visa! (I'm English)

If you need any further help let me know.