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Hotels don't seem to mind you drinking in their bars, even if you're not staying there.

One con trick that you might run into is the "I'm the waiter from your hotel" one, where they pretend that they remember from the hotel (or wherever) and then offer to show you around. Really they just want to take you to shops that'll pay them commission, so just ignore them, as they're lying.

I find that its easiest to haggle if I decide what I think I want to pay for something and then start by offering about half that, and not going higher than the amount I wanted to pay (this is flexible though). Remember that it's not rude not to buy something if you think it's too expensive, no matter how the seller tries to make you feel!

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Hey guys!!
Thanks for all the handy tips you've gave!So THE day has finally arrived.About 11 hours to go and then I'm off to the airport!:)I'll still have heaps of things to do before that.I haven't even packed yet because I've been working for the last couple of days!!I'll be in a hurry soon!!
Well,I'm gonna go now and all the tips are in back of my ear!!
Take care everybody!

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Have a Great trip!!!

Be sure to give us a report when you get back. I'd like to visit Tunesia, so I'd be interested to hear how you like it there, etc.


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I have been to Tunisia in December 2003 and I found it quite safe. As in all other countries, there are obnoxious and annoying people, especially the ones that try to sell you stuff.
But if you use common sense you should be fine. I can't comment too much on the cities as I spent nearly all my time travelling to the Desert and in the Desert itself, as I did a 4 day camel trip around Sabria. I only spent one day in Sousse.
Just make sure if you're travelling that you have enough time to wait until the Louage (The mini bus taxi) is full and don't end up paying for all the seats. If for any reason you want them to leave without being full they charge you for the empty seats.
And one thing I discovered about the people who try to sell you Desert Trips or anything similar, it works if you tell them that you already booked one and you already paid for it. After I said that, they lost interest quite quickly.

Hope this helps.

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Oy everyone!
I'm back!!!:)
Had a brilliant time in Tunis!The whole week was warm,well except two last days were bit cloudy but it was still warm compared to Finland!!It's been raining over here for days now.
Sousse was great,on our first morning we ate good breakky in our hotel's dining area.The sun was pretty hot even if it was 9 in the morning!After that we went to the beach and stayed there for few pretty good tanning now!
After the beach we did a small walk in the nearby areas but didn't go too far...
Then on next day we walked to Port El Kantaoui which was about 5km's from the place we stayed Hammam Sousse or something like that.Our hotel area was nice.There were heaps of restaurants and stuff near us and the beach was just one step away.

Port El Kantaoui was beautiful.The beach was brilliant.We saw a zoo,saw camels.;)After the walk beach was calling again.After that we went to look for a bar where we wanted to go in the took almost 1½ hours to find it but we found it..whopee!!We ate spaghetti in a restaurant in the city of Sousse.The night we went out partying to the biggest club in Africa! wasn't the biggest!It was just the advertisment to get people there.We got flyers which said that entry free and biggest disco,but after all we had to pay in.

We went to Medina (the bazaars) almost everyday.And after the first day everyone knew was bit terrible cos they knew who we were..they were yelling "Hey Finnish girls,hey finland..etc..."I found the bazaar-area bit scary cos the men were pulling us into their shops.We drunk mint-tea in a small cafe in was yummy!Mint-tea is a tradition tea in Tunis!I brought one packet to home aswell.:)

One day we went for a camel-ride to a village nearby.It was great!Although I got sore buttocks after that...It was worth it.I liked it.We got to "kiss" a camel and we also soldered a camel-baby with a coca-cola!All the camels are drinking cola,fanta,sprite etc...pretty crazy huh?

I took heaps of pictures..over 100 of them!Had a great time!!I definitely recommend Tunis to everyone!:)

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Hey Minna,

Glad to hear you had such a Great trip!!!

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Sounds like you had a great time, glad you enjoyed it.

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Thanks guys!Yeah I had a ball!
Might travel to Tunis someday again!

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So Minna,

What's next? Where do you want to visit on your next trip?

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Oops,missed that post.
Uhm,not sure where I want to go but definitely somewhere that's for sure!I've been thinking of saving money and travelling around the world again but since I'm on low budget I can only afford short trips.I'd love to travel to south America but right now I'll have to do it in my dreams.Next trip will probably be to Spain or Italy,we'll see.How about you?