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Next trip will probably be to Spain or Italy,we'll see.How about you?Cheers,Minna

Hi Minna,

I'm off to the Indian Himalayas in August. I'll be going up to Ladakh, a Buddhist culture, similar to Tibet, mostly up around 3500-4500/meters. I've wanted to go there for a long time so I'm really excited!!!

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Hi everyone! I also went to Tunisie this May and enjoyed my time there! It was so nice to read the topic and brush up on some memories. Chris_huh - you're guru of haggling! My own record was to drop the price from 145 dinars to 30 That was the last Tunisian money I had in 1 hour before the flight and I was forced to buy the bird case (!) at that price. It was so big! And so useless!
As an advise for everyone - your trip to Tunisie must certainly include that 2 days Safari to the desert! That's incredible! You're going by small bus or by jeep as per your choice and you're stopping in so many interesting places that no other trip can you offer. First we stopped in El Jem - where there's the Colisseum almost like in Rome but with the difference that you can get into every caves and climb on any stages! Very beautiful and exiting! You can even visit the underground dungeons where slaves where kept - the light there goes through specially made lattices in sealing.
Then we've been to Gabes - spices market. No comments! So many colours and smells!
Then the stop at first oasis where they offer you to taste palm "juice" - no way!
Then- Matmata, as they say the troglodyte houses. The entrance looks like small cavern in rock but only few steps - and you're at the big internal sunny hall... The "inhabitants" are surely justfor turists but it's interesting anyway. Here I saw the small baby of camel - so cute!
Oh, forgot - in Matmata you also see the views which are very familiar - that's Star Wars VI Not far from here there's also Tatuine - the planet from episode IV.
And after that you're arriving to the desert! Lot's of camels pasture here like horses. And lot of sand..... We stayed there until sunset and it was perfect... unbelievable...
Next morning (very early - at 4) our trip continued to the salt lake Shott el Dzerid where we met the sunrise and took small crystal salt pieces as a souvenirs.
And after... Oh!!! Few oasises - Chebika - mountains and palms - perfect. Then waterfall in the mountains. Then the stop somewhere very high in mountains, close to Algeria border - where "English patient" was made.
Oh, and in the end we also were at Keiroin - familiar to fans of Indiana Jones...;)
If you're not tired from that tale I can also tell more about Tunisie. I've been in capital, in "blue city" Sidi Bou Said of coarse, on the rests of Carthagen... And through the whole sea-shore : Hammamet, Mahdia, Monastir, Sousse... Is it interesting?