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First, my details:

- New Zealand is my country of residence
- Purpose of stay - my girlfriend is studying for 2 years in Schengen. I need a visa (ideally a student visa - I want to study but I'm not sure exactly what)
- Countries - Spain to begin, then German and Portugal

As mentioned above, my girlfriend won a scholarship for 2 years in 3 Schengen countries. Starting with Spain, then probably Germany, then Portugal. I want to go with her, and I want to study some courses too. I won't be doing a masters, but just picking up some papers - e.g Spanish, German, Portuguese languages, photography, communications etc.

I have no idea how to go about this, as I'm not studying a specific masters course, and I don't have finance to pay for all my courses right now (I have a regular income so can pay every six months or so). We've emailed the support people at the university, but they don't reply, and I can't find any information for this situation on the university websites, the consulate websites, or any forums that I've come across.

My thinking is that I need to first apply for a student visa in Spain for more than 6 months (I think a D-type visa) once I've enrolled in 6 months study. Then I'm not sure what I have to do.

If anyone has experienced this situation, and can clarify a) What type of visa I need to study and live for 2 years in Schengen? and b) what steps I need to get it, your help would be EXTREMELY appreciated.


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Simply - be guided by the advice in your government's website.

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I'm no expert on this, but I think the Schengen student visa is only available if you are taking a full degree course. I'd say try to qualify for that, but it doesn't sound like it will fit with following your partner across countries.

Would you qualify for a working holiday visa? Again I think that limits you to living in the one country.

I found this article which may be useful.