Which African country to visit first.?

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Hi everyone

I have been pondering on the idea that there are people who have never visited the African continent before. If I was born overseas and considering to visit Africa I would not know where to start off.

Having said that, I would ask you to mention a country you would start off visiting in Africa and why would you choose it.

A very popular country to visit would be Kenya, especially because of the game reserves and mass of tourist visitations. Zanzibar is closely situated to the country and I would include it as a beach trip. Its one heck of a beautiful island. Many couples go there for their honeymoon and others for a breath-taking getaway.

Any comments will be appreciated!:)

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Since you live in South Africa near Kruger National Park, you already know that your country offers an excellent introduction to travel in Africa. Entry is easy (no visa is required of U.S. and UK citizens, for example); it's easy to get around the country (you can even rent a car if you want to). And there's lots to see and experience, from East to West, North to South. There's an additional benefit. Many South African tour companies offer trips to other destinations in Africa at reasonable prices. One popular route is from Cape Town to Namibia to Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Those companies also originate trips in other countries, such as from Kenya to Uganda; or from Kenya to Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. There are lots of choices; and lots of options. Simply go online to check.

Intrepid travelers also can do it on their own. The routes in southern Africa and East Africa are well-traveled.

I like what Africa has to offer; and return often. I leave Friday for Ghana, Sao Tome and Principe, Cameroon and Gabon.

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The first African country I visited was Tunisia back in 1998 or 99. It was close to the UK and cheap! And it was a foreign place with everything that 'foreign' brings to mind. I enjoyed the souks, the different architecture and the people.

However, of the ten or so I've been through, Egypt would be exciting for the history and the artifacts but my favourite so far is Tanzania - the people, the scenery (6000m up on Kilimanjaro is something to remember) and above all the wildlife in the Serengetti.

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I'll be going to South Africa next summer and it will be the first African country in my list of visited places. I would also like to go to Egypt because of its rich history.

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Tanzania is also an excellent travel destination, lots of wildlife to see and especially the Serengeti migration, fantastic beaches in Tanzania's islands of Zanzibar and interesting local cultures to explore, plus climbing Kilimanjaro even if you are not an ardent trekker.

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Unfortunately so many African countries have unwanted problems with djihadisme that it is becoming more and more difficult to visit some of them, Mali especially, my favourite before it all started. Burkina Faso, Togo and Benin in West Africa are still pretty much untouched. You could also include Senegal, but many would say that's not the real Africa.

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