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Hi all, I have been thinking alot about this, perhaps overthinking, and i'd like other peoples opinions, suggestions etc.

TL;DR: Want to go to Chile for 2-4 months starting Dec, Jan, to volunteer, improve Spanish and party. Worried about being aimless/bored/lonely (like last time in SA). Then go to NZ for working holiday

Sorry if this is long
This is the backstory (relevant I think)
So last year after living and working in Aus for a year and enjoying that, I decided to go to South America in mid-Oct. In Aus I lived with lots of Chileans and Argentinians and was learning Spanish (self-study). I enjoyed that, thus decided to go to South America.

So I went to Brazil, Argentina, Chile and part of Peru alone before calling it quits just before Christmas. I realised I wasn't enjoying it enough for me to stay, and didn't want to spend Christmas and NYE alone somewhere in Peru. My Spanish wasn't good enough, nobody spoke as much english as I expected, and nearly all the hostels I stayed in (oct-dec) weren't busy, some completely dead. So in each place, I thought "hmmm maybe its just here, the next place will be better" but never was.

I planned to be in Valparaiso, Chile for New Years, before I even left Australia, I heard theres a big party and fireworks there. As it got nearer the time I applied to work in some hostel there, so I wouldn't have to pay $$$ to stay for New Years. But when I got to Valparaiso and stayed in a (different) hostel, it was completely dead - I saw people working in my hostel just sitting on the desk on their phones. I quickly changed my mind abot volunteering there, and Valparaiso wasn't as nice as I thought it might be.

So anyway, went to Peru, was a little busier there but still. I was in a top rated hostel that was soo touristy, busier, but really didnt like this. So went home for Christmas, then to South east Asia (I went before and liked it)

SO, this is my PLAN and thoughts for this time.

I want to have a good experience in SA, and I am just really worried it will be like last time. I plan to go from end of Dec/early Jan and I know this is the start of the busy period, so hopefully better.

I want to go to the south and volunteer, so far my ideas are working in a hostel in Pucon, some place that makes beer near Coihaique, and a hostel/teaching thing in Puerto Varas, I searched these on

I think these could be fun - although i'm not sure how much my spanish would improve in hostels, compared to say living on a farm with spanish speakers. Its a struggle between wanting to enjoy and party, and wanting to improve my spanish. I feel it's difficult to have both (suggestions, ideas?)

I also want to stay in Santiago for a bit, maybe 3-4 weeks, perhaps volunteer in a hostel, this is a touristy option but also the cheapest, and I would be around more people and less chance of feeling lonely or whatever, and more partying than say, being an Au Pair. Santiago is where the bars and clubs are, it's a city with things going on, AND I have a handful of friends there (very good for my spanish). But a friend tells me in Jan/Feb (maybe more Feb), Santiago empties out because the people go on holiday. I don't want a repeat of last time with things being dead!

So ANY suggestions, how I can improve on last time, opinions, i'd be Very happy

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Hi there,

As for vacation I can speak for Buenos Aires: Yes, latest NYE night after the party all and everyone will move out of the city for a vacation. It feels like 90 go to Mar del Plata and 10% to Punta del Este.
There is hardly no party life going on in January (and Feb).
No idea if that is the same for Santiago, but I can imagine. Apart from the difference, that Argentines party harder than Chileans.

Coyhaique: beautiful, but very remote and silent place. I often went, from Puerto Chacabuco, where there is a lot of fly fishing for tourists. Still, it is in the - beautiful - middle of nowhere, (Puerto) Aysen same quiet.

Also, people celebrate NYE in families. I was once invited and it was fun, but the 00:00 action was very small and definetely not a night-long party time.

Hope this helps. :)