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Hi all

This is ours first introduction,so please dont be too tough on us.
We are:Milan 43 Ursula 33 Nejc 17 from Slovenia.

We have to go.
We want to go.
We will go!!
But where?
Do what?
How to get there?

This is the first time for us to be on this kind of forum. We don't have any experience in debates like this. Please, help.
We would like to go away (somewhere). But we still don't know where to go.
At the moment it's all the same to us. We just would like to start a new life.
Somewhere else.
So, if anyone has a suggestion or knows a pleasant, cheap ... starting point for a new life - you are very wellcome to let us know.
At the moment we're thinking about Carribean, Reunion, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, New Zealand, Indonesia, Tailand. As the matter of fact, all the world is open.
Does anyone need a company during the journey? We'd join you and help you as much as we could.

We are from Slovenia. Milan(m) 43, Nejc(m) 17 and Ursula(f) 33.
We'd like to move abroad because we want new life, meet new people, get new information, see new things and more and more.
We speak english, french, german and italian and have some other qualification. Milan is medical tehnician and has excellent skills in physiotherapy and sport massage. Nejc goes to secondary school, plays basketball, typical teenager, wonderful and careing person. I've got a diploma of communication, doing joga and have teached as aerobic instructor.
We like helping people and share goodness to others. Our moto is "think positive":).

We would also like to know if there is any possibility to get a work there. Maybe in some hotel or summer resort.
Or - does anybody need a houskeeper?
We have some things in our mind and would like to know if this could come true.

We ask you, all the experienced travelers, to help us. To give us some advise or some information, suggestions. We're much obliged to you.

Just in case - I give you e-mail address -snip-

This is our first post.
Be good to us, please.
Best whishes to you all.

Milan, Nejc and Ursula:)

[ Edit: sorry, no email addresses in the forum please. ]

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Welcome to TP

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Welcome to Travellers point! There are many helpful, and very friendly people who will try their best to answer your questions. Just a little suggestion though, It isn't recommended to post your email address on the forums. Spam bots are always trolling;)

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Welcome Milan, Ursula and Nejc!

Speaking so many languages, the world is wide open to you. Travellerspoint is an excellent place to start. I suggest going through all the forums to find out about the experiences of other travellers. The internet is an excellent place to travel without really going anywhere - but will be an exceptionally useful tool. If you have Google, or any other fine search engine, try typing in "International jobs" or "international employment". You will probably only find about a million websites with positions available, fitting your qualifications, around the world. Also try a more specific search, for example "medical technician jobs in (insert country name here). Also, most governments of the world have websites detailing visa requirements, work permits, residency requirements, etc.

Travellerspoint members are an excellent source of information as well, because many of them are living and working outside of their own homeland.

Once you have found countries that interest you, you can contact TP Travel Helpers Travel Helpers from the main page (click link).

We wish you the best of luck in your search for a new home and life. And, again, welcome to TP!