Saying Hi before I establish myself as "Permanent Moocher"

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Hi all -

I have been obsessively stalking this website for the past 3 days and have enjoyed all the wonderful advice everyone has written to each other. I wanted to introduce myself before everyone thinks I am a moocher who takes takes takes and does not offer anything.

My name is Ha-Mill ("Ha" as in I'm laughing and "Mill" as in Windmill) and Yes (Sigh), I am an American, but don't write me off yet. I'm not a Bush supporter and I am still debating whether I like "The Terminator" as my governor. I am, however, a fellow travel nut and would love some advice for a BIG trip I have pseudo planned. (So the taking part is still happening, but I promise I'll contribute in someway!)

I am leaving my job at the end of the month and have used miles to buy a RTW ticket! I hope to be gone a year, but my plans could change.

So far I have reserved the following flight itinerary:
San Francisco - Auckland - Bangkok - Kathmandu - Istanbul - San Jose - San Francisco

I have an idea of what I will be doing up until I reach Istanbul. Between Istanbul and San Jose, I have a period of 4 months to do what ever I please. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go from there? It should be around end of May when I get to Istanbul. Cheap, but beautiful would be ideal. Lazing on beach or trekking through mountains, I have no preference. I love it all.

Thanks for the support and sorry for the novel

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Hello Ha-Mill..
One quick note. A similar post in the "General" section will generate more responses most likely... other than that, whenever anyone says "Cheap and Beautiful" I say South East Asia without missing a breath.

Malaysia especially is a beautiful country, both in their cities and their countryside. It's not quite as cheap as some other SE Asian countries, but it is still very inexpensive to US standards and in my opinion cleaner and safer than many other countries in the area.

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Thanks for the advice, I'll keep it in mind for the future :)

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Hi Ha-Mill,

Welcome to the site and thanks for the pics you submitted also! I updated the member profile pages yesterday and now your pics randomly show in your profile as well :)

Have you considered Eastern Europe for after Istanbul? It's not far and will be reasonably cheap. Hungary tempts me the most in that area at the moment

Cheers, Peter

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Peter -

Thanks for uploading the pics!

I have thought about Eastern Europe, but have no clue where to begin! There are too many places I would love to travel within the year. Would you advise travelling by train, overland, plane?

Have heard wonderful things about hungary and czechoslovakia. Do you think its safe for lone female travellers as well

Thanks so much for the advice.

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Hi Ha-Mill,

Just wanted to add my words of welcome as this is after all the introductions area! Great to have another round the world tripper using this forum.... seems like everyone is travelling around the world these days; great!

San Jose; you will love CR I am sure... had an amazing time there last year and recommend it to everyone!

I have never been to Istanbul but have heard good things about travelling in Turkey - although travelling as a lone female there might not be best.... but like I said, I am not sure as I have never travelled there myself or experienced it first hand.

Eastern Europe is safe as far as I know. I have never heard anything bad about travelling in Czechoslovakia for example and it is becoming increasingly popular with more and more cheap flights headed that way (and cheap :) ). As far as travelling, I think the train is the most popular way for a good reason. With the distances between the major travel destinations not being too long you can really experience the continent by train while not ending up being on the train for days on end between destinations. Eurail passes seem like a pretty good deal and I believe you can only get those before arriving in Europe....

The flights are pretty cheap too these days if you want to cover some more distance quickly. The quicker you book though, the cheaper...

See you around the forums!!! And enjoy the travelling....


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Hey Ha-Mill,

I meant to reply to your post -- at least according to the LP guide to Europe, Hungary is a safe place and women travellers shouldn't have any trouble. I'm planning on visiting Hungary around July this year and one thing I am interested in is catching the hydrofoil along the Danube from Budapest to Vienna (and possibly stop in Bratislava on the way). Seems like a great way to catch some good scenery while getting somewhere!