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1. Posted by emilyjayne95 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

Looooong Post!
Okay, I need help!
I have done quite a bit of travelling but I am yet to embark on my biggest journey.
My boyfriend is coming with me this time. We are going to get a WHV for Australia. However, before arriving in Australia we are wanting to do a little bit of travelling first. We will be leaving from the UK and going to Africa firstly. We then wish to travel to Asia - visiting India, China (briefly), Japan and SE Asia (again, briefly as I have already been).
We are allowing approximately 6 month for travelling the above countries before arriving in Australia. We each already have £3000 put away separately for Australia so this is not of concern.
The majority of the 6 months will more than likely be spent in Africa and India, whilst also allowing a decent amount of time to be spent in the other places.
Travelling these places will (hopefully!) split the airfare dramatically. I am very savvy with booking cheap flights and travel arrangements so am very open to shopping around for cheap travel deals and being flexible with dates.
So, we are flexible with dates, aren't bothered about staying in hostel dorms (although we will want to treat ourselves occasionally), aren't massive drinkers, are smart with money and willing to cut back.
However, we are much more inclined to spend our money on really cool experiences and are open to all sorts of suggestions!!!! We are also interested in volunteer programmes!
Basically, my question is, given the above details and time scales, how much should we budget for 6 months of adventure filled, but careful spending(!), travel in an array of countries across Africa and Asia?
Any advice, tips or recommendations would be most appreciated!

Also - after our stint in Aus we are hoping to have saved up enough money for a short trip to South America before a 3 month North American road trip! Has anyone managed to save money on a WHV? It's the dream!

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3. Posted by OmoitS (First Time Poster 1 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

hullo emilyjayne95
Welcome to Africa the land of beauty and opportunities, thanks for your love for Africa. Basing on your details, the African continent is big with a lot of attractions and activities to be done but for a good joyful experience at affordable please follow the following:
1. list all your activities of interest. this will determine which African Country will you go since most of African countries are gifted by nature but their some activities which can be done in one destination and not in another like Gorilla trekking can be done in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo, you can also see wild game at almost all the entire continent.
2.the type of Accommodation you prefer: Africa has all sorts of accommodation which are mostly booked in full board basis meaning breakfast, lunch and dinner. we have from Basic to luxury accommodations of five star hotels, camping is is mostly distributed to all the national parks.
3. Getting regional Visa: like East African Visa which allows you to visit all the East African countries at 100$ only.
4. Use a local tour operator from Africa to arrange you all the tour packages on individual countries. This makes the prices of the trip cost effective since they do not add commission on their prices, they can also advise you further on the activities to be done, they are always given discounts in accommodations and other park activities.

With the above you can have an estimate on how much to carry along with you, tipping depends on your own heart no standard rate. Gorilla permits for Uganda is 600$ per permit, Rwanda 750$ per permit,
park entry fee varies from 50$ per day to 100$ per day depending on the country, Accommodation starts from 50$ to 1000$, car hire from 40$ to 200$ per day depending on where your going and this includes fuel

Thanks and i hope this information will help you plan your trip well. Africa the land of great opportunities