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Hi guys,

I'll try to keep it brief, my specific case is for Japan but I assume this is a rather broad question:

Some backstory:
I'm considering taking 3 months of unpaid vacation somewhere in the next 12 to 18 months and travelling through Japan. I went there with a friend 3 years ago and feel absolutely in love with the country and want to explore it a lot more on my own.

Periods would either be (roughly) September-November 2017 or (more likely) March-May 2018

About me:
28 years old from Europe. Have travel experience throughout Western-Europe, South-America & Asia. Both solo & with friends. (So I have a pretty good feel what I'm getting into)

Not definitive yet, but the idea right now is to start af in Hokkaido and work my way south stopping wherever I want and see when I get tired of it and travel further at that point. Most likely will need to do some refining regarding a plan when things get a little more traction

The problem:
Most of my backpacking travels have been between 15 & 25 days; accomodation booked beforehand.
As I want to travel at my own speed and hang around where I like it, and skip locations that don't interest me at that time I would need to find accomodations at the days of arrival, and I have no idea how feasible that is. When I was there in 2013 we had quite some "issues" with accomodation as we booked everything 1 to 2 months before departing and I noticed a lot of locations where already booked...

I'm really not a camping fan but I would be taking a tent with me nonetheless (you never know where you end up; and a tent + sleeping bag is always usefull in case of emergency but I really prefer to avoid that).

Any thoughs or advice on this?


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Read this by Josie Dew...exactly what you're after.

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Hi there,

I would not worry too much. I have lived and travelled all over the Japan, and made the experience that very few hotels and guest houses advertise on English speaking booking sites.

Whenever the usual sites have no more vacancies, you will still find plenty of rooms on the English version of Rakuten (where most Japanese will pre-book a room).

That failing, the usual business hotel chains (Toyoko Inn, Sunroute, APA, Dormy Inn) almost always still have rooms. Otherwise, you will always see lots of ads for business and love hotels around stations, bus stations, ferry terminals. These are virtually never fully booked and often only cost half of the places you can book online. They are always clean and decent, most offer wifi now, too.

The crux is that these places are not too foreigners friendly. So learn a few phrases, like "Do you have a room for tonight/x nights"? etc., and you will be fine.

The one thing to watch out for are special annual festivals as well as golden and silver week, during which it can happen that everywhere is booked out.

Have fun!


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4. Posted by mgelade (Budding Member 4 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

Thanks a lot Stevie & Stephanie!

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Remember parts of Japan can have very bad winters with deep snow.

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there is an international travel plaza in the Sapporo train station that can help you find places to stay--as an example, they made a phone call for me at 6 pm on a saturday night to locate outlets where i can purchase a very hard to get item. the place they called was 2 1/2 hours away but still on the island of Hokkaido. they most likely could help you in most of Hokkaido and if not, next to them is an actual travel booking place-they all speak perfect English