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1. Posted by Shunter007 (Budding Member 2 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

I am planning on traveling to India from Atlanta, GA at them end of Jan with my husband and I have to be honest I am very nervous. We have 2 small boys who will be staying home with grandma and grandpa while we travel for business but the thought of going to such a far away country that is near Pakistan kind of scared me. I wanted to know if anyone has been to India either recently or in the past? Any tips for the both of us?? We are suppose to fly into New Delhi and stay for 3 days then fly to amristar for 2 days. My main question is concerning safety for the both of us of course. We know taj Mahal is a 4 hour drive from delhi. Is it worth the very long ride?Also I am disabled and take medication daily for a nerve condition that causes great pain and swelling. I plan on of course having my prescription with stamped prescription from doctor and pharmacy..does anyone forsee any issues upon arrival? Please any information would greatly be appreciated.:)

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Proximity of Pakistan is not an issue. Don't worry about it.
Delhi, Amritsar are safe and no issues.
Going to Tajmahal ( Agra) now is easier
Gatimaan Express will leave Nizamuddin railway station at 8.10 am and reach Agra Cantt. at 9.50 am. In the return, the train will depart from Agra at 5.50 pm to reach Nizamuddin at 7.30 pm.
So you can go in the morning. See taj and return by evening.

You may also plan for Golden Triangle tour Delhi- Agra- Jaipur - which may be 4nights, 5 days tour ( or 3 Nights, 4 days ). I am not sure of your disability Hence I am not sure if this Golden Triangle becomes hectic

If you are planning only Delhi and Amritsar, it is fine. While in Delhi, plan for a day trip to Taj - You can take a cab. You can go and come back

Only issue could be the cash. I am not sure how many US $ you can convert into Indian Rupees. Once you are out of Airport, you may find some problem in converting cash. Hopefully the rules may be changed and you will be able to convert easily by End of Jan

Let me know if you need any more info.

All the best


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India is very safe and tourist friendly so you do not have to worry. You can go easily to Agra since the trains are very efficient and if you have health issues you can also travel by car stopping at regular intervals. Trains are the best bet where you can reach safely without major jerking. Even i have a major neck injury and have to avoid jerking so i use train easily to reach Agra whenever i go to Delhi. I am basically from Kolkata. Amritsar also will not be an issue. You can fly to Amritsar if you want from Delhi or go by car also.
Happy Journeys

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If you're going to Amristar, it's well worth visiting the border with Pakistan at Wagah. Search for Wagah Border Ceremony on Youtube to see what it's like.

The Taj Mahal is worth a three day walk, let alone a four hour drive - it's beyond magnificent.

We toured India in 2010/11 including a couple of nights in Lahore, Pakistan and felt perfectly safe throughout.

Enjoy your travels!

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Put your nervousness aside. There is no reason to fear for your safety. Yes, you'll probably be in for some culture shock; that's to be expected. But you'll have a wonderful time if you relax; keep an open mind; and take it all in.

I spent two months in India this year, traveling first from Atlanta (where I currently reside) to Amritsar (with Qatar Airways), then on to Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Kashmir and New Delhi. I've been to India many times, traveling north to south, east to west. You'll find the people to be friendly and hospitable. India is one of my favorite countries; and I plan an encore visit in 2017. India has everything a traveler would want: culture, wildlife, magnificent sights.

Your hotel can help arrange for a car and driver to take you and your husband to see the Taj Mahal and other sights. Prices are reasonable. This mitigates much of the hassle if you were to arrange it yourself, particularly with your limited time. This applies to your visit to Amritsar as well.

P.S. You shouldn't encounter any problems entering India with your medications, since you'll have your doctor's prescriptions in hand.

You'll find it easy to use your Visa debit card. Simply notify your bank in advance that you'll be using it in India on the dates you'll be there. The same applies to any credit cards you might bring along. I prefer using the ATMs of the State Bank of India (no fees). Multinational banks, such as Citibank and Standard Chartered, charge fees; and they can be hefty for the amount withdrawn. If you're a customer of Charles Schwab, get a Charles Schwab Bank debit card for use overseas. Charles Schwab Bank refunds all ATM fees automatically (keep your receipts, just in case); and absorbs the 1 percent foreign transaction fee that Visa charges. So you get full use of your money. Be aware that 500 and 1,000 rupee notes no longer are legal tender in India. So don't accept any.

Bring hand sanitizer and use it liberally. Take along a flashlight (I like the small LEDs at Costco); and a pair of sandals or shoes that you can take off and put on quickly if you want to enter temples and other places that require that footwear (and sometimes socks) be off. A scarf or shawl can come in handy, too, especially if you have to cover your head as well. Take some reusable "Heavy Duty Handi Wipes" (available at Wal-mart stores in metro Atlanta). I always have one in my pocket to wipe my brow and other uses. They are lighter, cheaper and dry more quickly than the microfiber towels available at outdoor stores. They were indispensable on my recent trips to India; Patagonia; and Central and West Africa.

Finally, if you're bringing electronics, you'll need a plug adapter for India. In metro Atlanta you can buy one at Fry's Electronics; or you can get one more cheaply once you're in India from the numerous electrical and other shops. Your hotel also might let you borrow one, if needed. Hope this helps.

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6. Posted by Shunter007 (Budding Member 2 posts) 7y Star this if you like it!

Thank each and every one who had responded to my question! I am sure that everything will be fine. Has anyone every flown the airline Jet Airways? If so how was it?

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Yes, I've flown Jet several times; and it now has a code-share relationship with SkyTeam members Delta Air Lines and KLM. See this link:

I last flew with Jet in August from Leh to New Delhi.

I've also flown with IndiGo, another major carrier in India. I can recommend both.

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Elaboration: India is issuing new 500 rupee notes. As mentioned before, the old 500-rupee notes, along with the 1,000 rupee notes, no longer will be legal tender. A new 2,000 rupee note is being issued.

See this article:

And this link for photos of the new notes:

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India is a wonderful country for visitors. The locals are friendly. Of course, there are risks, some unavoidable, and others largely avoidable. Make sure you have received the reccommended innoculations, and avoid drinking tapwater. If you are very concerned about food poisoning, stick to vegetarian food. I don't do this, and have not often had upset stomach - I have visited India at least 30 times.

As for safety, India has some problems, but they are much less worrying than those you face back home in the USA.

As for medical services, they are pretty good. Many medics are US trained. Make sure you have travel health insurance to cover medical expenses.

India is a very different experience, but one very well worth enjoying.
Bon voyage.

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