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I've got a quick question that I hope someone could answer for me! I'm flying to Japan next week (10-May) and I've planned my route rather interestingly. I have two separate reservations to Japan... one gets me from New England to LAX, and the other from LAX to Osaka. I'm taking United for the domestic legs and Thai Air for the internation leg. I was wondering if I could have my bags checked all the way from Providence to Osaka with two separate reservations/airlines?

Also, because I am worrying about everything (never taken a big trip like this before)... if I have two separate reservations and I "miss" my connection at LAX that bridges the two reservations, will United help me get home? I have booked everything so I have 3-1/2 hours to get off the plane from Japan, go through customs, check-in, go through security, etc. Because I have two separate reservations, will the airlines work together and help me out (they're both Star Alliance)?

Thanks for ANY insight!


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I don't know for sure but the airline is supposed to get you to your destination on time. So if you are going to miss a connection because they are late, they will help you make a connection or get on the next flight.

I would also think if you show both air tickets at check in that they will check your bags to your final destination. By the way, I've had good experiences with Thai airlines, so I think you should be fine.

Where are you going? I saw you also posted something about flying from South Africa to Namibia? Are you going RTW? What's your plan?

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Sounds great about Thai Airways! I'm not going RTW, I wish though! Someday when I've actually got a real job. I'm planning on going to South Africa/Namibia to visit some friends over Christmas Break. I'm finishing up my Frosh year in college right now (this week- finals!). I can't wait for this trip to Japan, I've never even been to the west coast!


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Hi James

A couple of years ago I flew to San Fransisco from Ireland on two seperate legs and I checked my bags all the way through - no hassle.

I flew with Aer Lingus to Newark and then with Continental from Newark to SF. It was great to not have to bother waiting at the baggage belt in Newark. I just stepped off the plane and was able to enjoy my time between flights looking around the shops.

Hope that helps,


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Most airlines will check your bags right through if they are connected via the one world alliance, the easiest way to check this would be to ring either of the airlines you are flying with. Have a great time...