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Dear Sirs,
I am an Italian woman (32 ys old) and I am trying to arrange my trip to United States. Having been for many years a travel agent in Italy and having co-operated as single person with foreign tour operators for tailor-made trip for individidual/in small group traveller, I really would appreciate if you could assist me as regards domestic flights/hotels/sighteseeings and help me with your suggestions. I made reservation for flights as follows
Arrival 02nd of August 2005
TRN 7.05 BRU 8.40
BRU 9.20 JKK 12.25
Departure 21st of August 2005
LAX 10.25 ORD 16.28/ORD 17.40 BRU 8.45 (22nd)
BRU 9.40 TRN 11.20
As regards my program I am a bit confused because I was wondering were
exactly I should and also would like to go. I know very weel Asian countries
as well as their turism system but I don't know so much about yours. Anyway,
in my idea an ideal tip could be
-New York
-Niagara Falls (maybe both sides)
-New Orleans+Navigation of Mississipi (more days cruise?)
-Las Vegas
-Death Valley
-Grand Canyon
-San Francisco
-Los Angeles
Obviously if you have any suggestion please do not hesitate.
I will be travelling alone so I am not going to rent a car.
I was told that it is more convenient to book a double room (even if only
for one person) than a single one cause quotations are per room and not per
person. But this is your job! I don normally avoided this problem (in Asian
and African countries) staying in hotels for business men which obviously do
contemplate many rooms for single traveller. Bed ore B&B is enough, clean
room (not big chain-hotels -I would like to avoid group of Italian tourists-
and important is location which should central or near bus/underground etc.
Normally from airports there should be a shuttle bus and then I can catch a
taxi or whatever according to your instructions
I can move by flight/train/bus. Normally I do catch night train for long
distances due to the fact that I avoid to waste time (you know, airports are
nit centrally located, you have to there before etc.) so also in case of
flights it would be better in the evening.
I do normally move on my own but whenever too much difficult I can purchase
there (please suggest me) a one/day tour so joining to group.

Please kindly confirm me if you can or not provide me your mostly welcomed assistance, differently kindly indicate me who I should contact.
Thanking you in advance I take the opportunity to send you my best regards.
Laura Massara
Via Cavour 13
13040 Alice Castello, (VC), Italy

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Hey there.. I'm from new york city and just so you know, niagara falls is about an 8 hour drive or a short plane flight. I've been there and the falls are obviously very cool, but i wouldnt suggest staying for more than a couple days maximum because the town is really lame. If you go all the way up there I would suggest just stopping there on the way to Canada (it's right near Toronto, and Montreal is a bit further but it's one of my favorite cities). just my opinion

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I assume u are flying into JFK (JKK?) and out of LAX and looks like you have 20 days to spend.
Here are some suggestions:

1) Rent a car (find another person?)
See New York (1-2 days), see Montreal (Canada, 1 day), Toronto (Niagra, 1.5 days), Niagra(half to one day). Then drive through either St. Lious or Chicago then towards Colorado, check out Denver (maybe) and Peublo ruins (definately). Go to the Four Corners (where Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico meet), Grand Canyon is there. Drive to Salt Lake City or straight to Las Vegas. Go north Yosemite, then go to San Francisco and south to LA.

I know you don't want to rent a car, but there are pluses and if you find the right combo it may even be cheaper. When you have a car you can see the smaller spots, you don't have added transportaton costs (taxis, buses, tours, etc...) You are not limited to major cities. You can save on lodging by finding campgrounds along the way (generally $10-$15 US a night or FREE). One possibility is to buy a used car ($3000 Honda/Toyota), drive it out west and sell it there.

A variation on this route is to go south, New York, Philedelphia, Washington DC, Altanta, New Orleans. I don't know the South and Soutwest well enough (anyone help her out?)

2) Flying
It depends on what you want to see?
Art and Culture: Tons in New York and Phildelphia. Washington DC has the Smithsonian Meuseums (National Gallery of Art, National History Meuseum, The Air and Space Meuseum). New Orleans has Jazz and cajun. Nashville for Country. Check out Elvis' tomb while you are there? Then out to Los Vegas, gamble, take a Grand Canyon tour. Fly to San francisco, then to LA?

Scenic, Nature:
Niagra Falls is a good choice. The coast line of Maine is nice (quaint fishing villages, nice and peaceful national parks). Most of the good parks are out west, Yellowstone National Park, Peublo National Park, Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, Badlands, Yosemite, etc... are all out west.

This has more centralized locations. However unless you are only hanging around in city, you are going to have added transportation costs. Getting to the parks is gonna be tough, cause they are out in the middle of nowhere.

Hope this helps.

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If you are travelling by train, it might be a better itinerary to go from New York down to Philadelphia or DC instead of Niagara. Amtrak is a very comfortable and very safe way to travel across the US, and I can't recommend it more. It is also relatively inexpensive. My only advice would be to bring a blanket and pillow on board with you; maybe just buy both at a store in the States. The overnight trains can be a little chilly. The regular seats are fairly comfortable and recline quite well, so you might not even need to worry about getting a sleeper car. Seating is open, so just grab two seats to yourself and spread out. There is almost always room for that.

An alternate itinerary that would work around an Amtrak schedule would be to go from New York down to DC, then take the Amtrak line that goes through the Appalachian Mountains down to Atlanta and on to New Orleans. From there, I would take a Southwest Airlines flight to St. Louis or Kansas City and take the Southwest Chief, which is an Amtrak line that goes through the Rocky Mountains and has a stop in Flagstaff, AZ, with a shuttle to the Grand Canyon. The same train line goes all the way out to Los Angeles, but I believe it's the same line that also goes up to San Francisco.

If you need help with any other particulars or further details, please feel free to e-mail me. I'd be more than glad to help!

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I agree with almost everything...except driving. If your alone..you are looking at 3 straight days of driving (time off for sleeping) to get to Arizona/Grand Canyon from the east coast. I would try to take the train or even fly. 3 days doesn't sound like much, (but if you take the freeways-you won't see anything but concrete and cars anyway) but it is three days you could spend doing or seeing something fun!

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Quoting Lugor79

Go to the Four Corners (where Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico meet), Grand Canyon is there.

Grand Canyon is in the northwest corner of the state, still a good 6- to 7-hour drive away. Monument Valley is in the Four Corners region, which is spectacular, as are Canyon de Chelly, Mesa Verde, Petrified Forest. Lot to see, but transportation in that area is really limited, and I'd really recommend against driving. You might be able to find a tour group going through that area. All of these places are a part of the National Park Service.

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Oh, and as for booking rooms as a double as opposed to a single, do book as a single! At a lot of discount hotels, you'll get a better rate. Just about any standard, chain hotel in the States has at least two double/queen beds or a king-sized bed, but at quite a few, you'll get a better rate as one person (less for them to clean up after? who knows...). You'll see a lot of "based on double occupancy," but I think that's geared more towards packages. Standard prices and other regulations are always posted on the back of the door in your room.