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Hello, firstly we would like to introduce ourselves, we are three lifetime friends from Czech Republic. We are all 18 years old and studying 3rd grade at highschool. When we went to primary school together we had school trips to Croatia, Premantura. We experienced there a lot of great things, you know, first parties, first girls etc. So we wanted to re-live this, but in different way.

Our goal for this year summer holiday is to go there again, but with a twist: We want walk it all the way through Austria and Slovenia to Croatia. We have 50 days to accomplish this goal. Calculated from our hometown(Petrovice u Karviné, Czech Republic) it is around 800 kilometres long journey. But we want to take a train to Czech-Austria borders, because we already hiked Czech Republic. This makes it something around 600 kilometres.

We have some experience from mountain hiking, summer camps but nothing like this. I would like to hear some advices from you guys. Our plan is to take a tent with us and sleep anywhere we can. We are aiming to walk 12hours/day.

Any help is very appreciated, cheers. :)

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When I visit friends in Austria, they often take me hiking in the mountains where there are huts, some offering accommodations; and even food and drink. Check with locals.

When camping on private land, be sure to get permission from the landowner before pitching your tent(s).

Some useful Web sites:

Don't forget to carry your passport and/or identity papers. You don't want to be confused with undocumented migrants.

Good luck!