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I am planning to go to Europe. My friend told me that I could buy the SIMs. However, we will go across many countries. There is no possible that we can buy SIMs every country. We used to go to Japan to rent pocket wifi. Is there the same device that we can rent for Europe?

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You don't say where you are here or in your Profile so it's a little hard to give advice. I'm in the USA if that helps you with the following information. In France in the past I have purchased a SIM card from the Orange company. You need to check whether it has a wifi dongle available that can be used all over Europe.

That said, a few years ago after a lot of looking I bought a LeFrench Mobile SIM and the price for me is very reasonable. You have a French phone number and receive texts and calls for free while in France. There is a small charge if you are in some European countries. You receive calls at 0.06 euro cents a minute and make calls at 0.15 euro cents a minute and that is also for the USA so a big savings over many of the other plans for travelers. Service is in English if you don't speak French. Rates change periodically but recently they actually went down so check the web site. The big advantage with LeFrench is that you can keep your phone number for the small fee of 90 euro cents a month.

Another option may be the National Geographic Cellular Abroad program that gives you both a US and a UK phone number. Their rates are a bit higher but it might be cheaper for your callers.

Here are web sites for the plans I checked. You can look at all of them and see if any will serve your purpose. I don't see how to get around your callers having long distance charges so you might want to consider the LeFrench Mobile plan and have them call (or text) you and then you can call them back and talk on your bill which is 0.15 euro-cents per minute. There is a charge for the first full minute and then it's prorated by the second after that. Most of these will not let you keep your number so you will have to get a new number each time you return to Europe. LeFrench Mobile is the only one I know that lets you keep the number forever. Lebara also has good rates but you have to use it at least once every 90 days to keep your number. That doesn’t work for us and unless you go to Europe every quarter, it won’t work for you. Most offer wifi dongles, data and phone plans.

Here are some of the available plans:

If you don't have an unlocked phone, either get yours unlocked or purchase one when you get the SIM card and you'll have a European phone for travel.

If you are Verizon, you can rent a phone inexpensively from Verizon for your trip and then return it. We know people who have done this and loved the program. We also have friends with iPhones who purchased the European option for the time they were in Europe, cancelled it when they got home and they found that worked well for them.

You should set up a Skype account too. It's free to other Skypers. We've got our family on it now so calls are free. You used to need a computer for Skype, but I have it on my mobile now and it is on most tablets.

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There have been a number of posts recently seeking advice on Internet access while traveling. Please note that the posts-- usually by first timers -- eventually refer to a device that's being promoted.

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Things have changed just in the last year. I was able to buy a SIM at Vodafone last July in Munich that worked with data in every country in the EU, which was fantastic since we crossed six countries on the trip. Just a few months earlier I had to buy separate SIMs in France and Spain.

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Yes, sometimes it's difficult to keep up with the many changes. I currently use Google's Project Fi with a Nexus 6p for talk, text and data without having to buy a SIM overseas. For extended visits to some destinations I also carry an unlocked phone.

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I've been using the LeFrench Mobile SIM in Europe for years and have used it in at least six countries, probably more. It also works here in the USA but it costs a LOT in the USA so I don't usually use it here. They have a list of countries on their web site but it seems to work nearly everywhere with varying rates. Years ago you couldn't text outside of France but they've since fixed that glitch.

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