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hello there!

im a 20 yr old girl about to embark on a trip around the world, planning to span a year from march 04-march 05. we're travelling very light, with 35-55ltr backpacks and minimum clothes etc. i'd like some advice on what others who've done this took with them, with regards to cosmetics/toiletries/sanitation???? ive already invested in a moon cup(i highly recommend it) but just wondering if you've discovered things you really needed or didnt need along the way.
obviously i'll leave the stilletoes at home but what should i do with regards to soap/towels etc? are micro towels any good?

as you can see i need a lot of help so i eagerly await a reply!

speak to you soon


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Hi there :)

In the 'General Talk' section there is a thread 'Packing light, tips, techniques etc.' - gives a few ideas and has helped me alot as I am pretty clueless as to this technical stuff:) Also anything that you don't use at home - don't bring - or anything too big maybe such as dressing gown etc. Hope this helps

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RTW... Bring some Toilet Paper in a sealable plastic bag.. You'll find that you can't always find that when you need it. To save room you can roll it off the tube before bagging it.. the bag is in case of rain.

I strongly suggest everyone making copies of their vitals... passports visas, drivers licenses etc... and trading so you carry your friend's copies and they carry yours.

A small flashlight is always handy to have.

Since you have to do limited clothing I would bring at least one pair of dark colored jeans as they hide dirt/stains well and black jeans can function as "nice clothes" in a real pinch.. Some places around the world won't let you in wearing shorts, and frown upon blue jeans as well... e.g. the Vatican... which I learned the hard way.

A water bottle can be handy... sometimes bottled water can be hard to find.. depending on if you're staying only in metro areas, or going countryside a bit.

all I can think of right now, but as Rach-A mentioned there is a "packing guide" post somewhere on this site that has a lot of good ideas.

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Pack as light as you possibly can and don't bring anything that you aren't convinced you will use! Here's a couple of previous discussions on this topic.

'Packing Light - tips, techniques and what to chop'

'What would you pack?'

Also, there is a fairly long packing list made up from people's suggestions under the 'tools' area, which can be found here:

and some more tips here:

Hope those quick links are of some use. :)


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I've never been to Wales. Do you have Dove soap there? I always pack a bar of dove soap (it has 1/4 moisturizer in it) in a plastic soap-holder. I use that to wash my face, body, shave legs, etc. and I can skip the moisturizer. Saves quite a bit of room. Pick some up if/when you come to Canada. . . Any Brits got advice about alternatives?
For hair- solid shampoo and leave-on cond. Or 2-in-1. And a wide-tooth comb. For short hair- small gel/pomade. Long- nothing but elastics.
make-up: a concealer stick, 1 lipstick, shadow (optional), mascara, vaseline (or prefered lip gloss/balm/whatever). I keep it in my purse b/c its handy. Or you could go au naturel if you feel comfortable.
Don't bring purfume.
That's what you need. Feel free to leave out the stuff you don't personally use.
Have a good trip! :)

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This guy is currently going around the world and has a blog on it. REally cool. You should ask him:

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In response to the girl going travelling light and wanting to know what essentials to only words to you are....'TREK TOWEL'

Thank you and goodnight!