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So my brother and I are thinking of backpacking across Central Europe this summer (Aug-September) - we're both pretty fit, love nature and old cities in equal measure, and want to go as shoestring as possible. Wanted a few thoughts on the itinerary we have thought of: number of days per city/town, whether we should add/subtract any destinations, and whether we're making the most of our time. Since my tickets are already booked, the trip will have to start and end in Frankfurt:
Aachen (where my brother studies) - 3 days
Brussels - 2 days
Bruges - 2 days
Delft - 1 day
Amsterdam - 2 days
Berlin - 2 days
Prague - 3 days
Salzburg - 2 days
Vienna - 3 days
Budapest - 2 days
Zagreb - 1 day (in transit)
Plitvice - 1 day
Dubrovnik - 3 days
Fly to Frankfurt
PLUS about 3-4 rest days (wherever we need to take them)
This is really open-ended: but any initial thoughts on this? What can we skip? Where are we budgeting too little time (everywhere, I know, but if you really had to pick)? If we want to budget a little more time in Croatia and Austria, should we skip Belgium/Netherlands altogether? Do advise - we are obvious novices :)

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I suggest you build a day between each stop as that will be needed for travel .. that will probably reduce the number of stop .. make a map too ,,, see what that gives you.

What mode of travel will you be using?

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A basic question first: Do these numbers mean "days" or rather "nights"? If you want 2 full days you need 3 nights.

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Your itinerary is pretty whiz bang, which is fine if that's what suits you. You haven't really stated anything about what you actually want to do when you visit a new city (e.g look at historical sights, walk around downtown, go out drinking, shop at markets) so hard to determine how much time you would need anywhere. You certainly won't see everything in Berlin and Budapest in two days apiece, but you'll see enough to be able to say truthfully that you've been there.

The one stop that stands out is Dubrovnik. It's pretty small and you can see everything there in a day, especially if you skip the cable car to the top of the hill where there's nothing but a view. You could certainly spend another two days there just drinking beer at one of the bars overlooking the Adriatic and clubbing at night and have a great time, but it doesn't really match the rest of your frenzied travel schedule. Think about spending one day in Split instead.

Plitvice Lakes is awesome. Definitely do that.

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A lot of these places deserve more time really.

I would do as you say and save one of the parts for another trip. Belgium/Netherlands or Croatia. Also, the Rhine river is absolutely beautiful and seeing as you are in the area I'd make that a part of the trip.

You could even look at travelling down the Rhine and Danube towards Budapest (visiting Vienna and Salzburg on the way). Then from Budapest back up to Prague and Berlin, then Frankfurt. Would make a pretty tidy loop and take in some nice scenery.

Whatever you decide on doing, don't worry about "making the most of your time". Just enjoy yourself on the trip. It's too easy to get caught up thinking this is the only chance you'll ever have to see some city or attraction, when in fact it hardly matters. What matters the most is that you have a splendid time seeing whatever it is you end up seeing :) That might mean sitting under a tree in the countryside having a picnic for a whole day instead of seeing famous works of art in a gallery for example. As long as you are having fun.

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I, I am German and know all of the places mentioned. Nice trip Overall....
For Bruge, Salzburg and Dubrovnik actually 1 day is enough, because ist really small towns. But if 2 days mean just 1 nigfht ist OK. There are lovely places for dinner. Berlin is too tight with just 2 days. I would rather go for 4 days. Skip Aachen, there is only 1 Thing to see.... Rather 1 day Düsseldorf and Cologne (nearby)