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I´m going to Thailand and Malaysia next december and I would like to know few good places to visit!?! For example Kuantan in Malaysia or Ko Tarutao/Ko Lanta in Thailand..

Is there any problems at border when you come from Thailand to Malaysia?

Never haven´t been there so need to ask from you. I´d be greatful if i´ll get some tips! ;)

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No problem at all for a European crossing from Malaysia to Thailand

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passport/visa wise - no problem.
custom wise - up to death penalty

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Kuantan, the main city of Pahang state, the biggest state of Peninsular of Malaysia and the 3rd biggest state after Sarawak and Sabah (Borneo) offers you the finest beaches along the Pantai Timur (East Coast as in English). For beaches, Cherating would be the best. If you're looking for islands, expensive Redang and Perhentian would be your ideal getaway; currently, the well-known cheap air tickets from Airasia offers MYR7.99 ONLY!!! from KLIA to Kota Bahru (main town of Kelantan). If you come to Mersing in Pahang, there's the best port to access a free-dutees island - Pulau Tioman.

I think I replied a lot regarding the main tourism spots alongside the West-coast where you shall start your journey from Kangar,Perlis till Johor Bahru, Johore.

West Coast (Pantai Barat in Malay, our national language):

1. Kangar, Perlis - you may take an express boat to Legendary island - Pulau Langkawi. Perlis is one of our state contributes the most of paddy. So, please don't get surprised if you'll see vast of paddy fields in Perlis as well as Pulau Langkawi. Atap houses are a lot there.

2. Next station will be Kedah. Quite similar to Perlis but population of Chinese in Alor Setar is more than in Perlis and it's more developed. Go and look for some historical spots.

3. Off the coast, it's acccessible to the Pearl of Orient, Penang. Penang is a state which is well-known for its history and culture-riched. Chinese is the biggest population as most of them speak good Chinese dialects - Hokkien (it's different to Johore's and Singapore's Hokkien). Therefore, you will find there the place with food stalls...currently Penang is fighting to get the status as historical town after Malacca got that title first in Malaysia...

4. Down another state with many chinese in main towns - Ipoh where they speak VERY GOOD CANTONESE (the language widely spoken in Hong Kong). An interesting fact about this state is it has a lot of 'artificial' cave (as we called 'Gua' in Malay) - such as Gua Tempurung and many more. Don't miss to taste some local cookies in Bidor (Chicken's Cookies) and Wife's cookies in Ipoh and Taiping. Many forests and scenic natural view and of course, the marshlands.

5. Down again would be the richest and the most population state in Malaysia - Selangor. TOO MANY INTERESTING PLACES here. Islands, marshlands with fireflies, natural sites, sanctuaries and etc. Want great seafood and good Chinese Bak-Kut Teh? - Port Klang would be your choice! HOt Satay? - in Kajang!

6. Kuala Lumpur - capital of Malaysia. Modern and energetic. Visit some monuments and museums (tho i think Borneo's museums are more interesting). Night life is great and if you would like to view the Petronas Twin Tower, the most expensive 'earth' in Malaysia and do visit our IT Hub - Cyberjaya and Metropolitan city - Putrajaya. I worked there for some time and it's very 'artificial' honestly and fulled with good-paid jobs and R&D. (if you have time coz the area is SO BIG!)

7. Next station would be my home town - Seremban, the main town of Negeri Sembilan. This used-to-be 'neglected' state is recently blooming up as another mega projects from KL to Seremban where we name it as 'the whole of Klang Valley". The most famous beach would be Port Dickson (polluted one). Recently we discovered a hot spring in Lukut, nearby the Port Dickson... jungle-trekking A LOT!

8. Down is another main attraction - the historical town Malacca with RM8 per head to cruise along the river. They restored the old buildings with new paints and will going to build a argumetative watch-tower later (Please help us to send your complaint to them in supporting the campaign to stop consturcting something which is not historic in Malacca, as a wise tourists, plsss). Nice food (chicken rice in ball-shape)and other cuisine. Antics streets, and don't go there on every Monday coz the famous night market is closed on that day. Cheap accomodation and i'll be going there again next 2 weeks!

9. The last stop would be Johore - the biggest issue here where the archeologists and geologists found last year perhaps the oldest monument in SE Asia - rumour said it might be older than Angkor Wat in Cambodia...(yet to open, just for your info). It's a state with Malaysian and Singaporean mixed...hahaha; People from Johore go to Singapore to work every early morning and many Singaporeans do shopping and invest on housing property in Johore...

I think East Coast would be coming up later as i think this post is too long! I haven't introduce you Borneo (Brunei as well) hands are cramped!!! Should look for a job in travelling industry...

Any question???Ya ...i miss the Thailand part...

Bon Voyage,

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Thanks Wocca, Massageuk and especially cikusang for your advice. I´ll ask more if something comes up.