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1. Posted by jameserob (Budding Member 52 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

I'm planning on going to Fiji in August/September after I finish my farm work in Australia. Can anyone advise how long is needed? I was thinking of just 7 days or 10 at the very most. Also, once I've booked the flights how is best to go about seeing Fiji? Maybe a tour like the Fiji experience? I know Fiji is meant to be expensive, but I want to try and do it as cheap as possible.

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I went for a week and thought that was fine to experience some of the islands.

I used a company called Awesome adventures to travel around and they were great. We went to 3 different islands in the Yasawa group.

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Hello James and welcome to TravellersPoint.........d:o)

Okay, seven to 10 days is enough for a good look at Fiji. One thing right off the bat, I am not a fan of the outer island resorts. Once there, there is not much to do, and after 3 days one tends to get "island fever".

First I need to know how many or if alone, and arrival date and time and departure date and time I recommend renting a car to explore Viti Levu. I am going to add here a bunch of stuff I have given to others. Then we can discuss the pros and cons.

Although it has been awhile since I have been in Fiji, I was a frequent visitor there in the past. The Fijians are the native Polynesians and fourth and fifth generation Indians (India), brought over long ago for work details. Expect a lot of Indian influence in the local culture. Nadi (pron: Nandi), is the main airport town and not really what you are looking for. However a short distance away is Denarau Island, actually an island just off the coast. The resorts however are on the mainland although they are identified with the island. There are many to choose from but my personal favorite is the Sofitel

The Coral Coast was my favorite and Korolevu area a particular area that I enjoyed the most. If you rent a car, you will be able to visit a lot of the local culture, and probably should go as far as Suva, driving along the coast. Just off the Sigatoga National Park. Between Nadi and Korolevu proper, there are several resorts, that have excellent diving.

There are many places to visit and/or stay at, around Viti Levu, both on the Sun Coast (the north coast), and on the Coral Coast (the south coast). Korolevu is about half way between Nadi and the capital Suva. As I worked in the cruise staff on a Chandris ship, we always docked in Suva, however later as a tour manager we would of course fly into Nadi.

Check with the "Blue Lagoon Cruises" for island hopping. They get great reviews here on VT. Here is their site:

For great island services check out Tui Tai Expeditions.

If you want to go fishing, check out Melissa McCoy's stuff.

There are also a number of islands off the main island of Viti Levu, that offer great diving. They however are a bit limited as far as roaming for nightlife. Here are a few choices just for the sake of completeness.

Do some research, with this information, and you will find more stuff as you go. Have a great time planning. Hope this helps somewhat....d:o)

Well James that should get you a starting point. Come back and we will figure out your personal needs. One thing I must add, - I am still learning how this website works, so did not make the links above clickable, so you need to cut and paste. Give me a day and I will clarify this issue........d:o)

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James, - I note that you want to do this trip as cheaply as possible. Full disclosure, - all the properties I am familiar with are not cheap. My tours were five star so I do not know the 2 or 3 star hotels or hostels. I can however recommend an area, and I will check on the availability of descent but inexpensive accommodations.

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Years ago we backpacked Fiji staying in cheap hostels & using public transport. Started Nadi, bus to Suva . Bus then ferry to Nabouwalu on Vanua Lavu. Bus to Labasa, another bus to Savu Savu. Then bus and ferry to Taveuni island & flight back to Nadi. Brilliant!

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Odinnthor, let me correct you on something, we are not part of the Polynesian group. We are Melanesians.

Secondly, the places and tours you've recommended, will not even allow the OP to come in contact with the real-indigenous population.

Thirdly, if the OP is looking for a night life, stay where you originally are as that defeats the purpose of travelling and meeting the local indigenous population and in saying that, you miss out on a real aspect of travelling.

As for the OP - jameserob, mate, you can pay for a 10 day pass with Awesome Adventure and sail the Yasawa islands. Swim with Mantarays in the Naviti Islands, do a local village tour, visit the Yasawa-i-Lau caves.

If you prefer to be in mainland, I recommend venturing out on some history site of Fiji, both in the west and in the east. In the west, apart from the endless water activities and one day island tours, hear some stories on when the indigenous fijians landed in Fiji, by doing a half day trip to First landing. How the indigenous got to Fiji.

Then if you are adventurous, in the East, at a place in the Rewa Delta, the stories of the first indian indentured labours that came to Fiji. On the way to Rewa, stop over at Pacific Harbour for a theatrical drama/skit show of the first fijians and our cannibalism ways. Dont worry, we dont eat humans anymore. Along the way, you will come across places and people that will have impacts on your journey.

Most importantly, experience Fiji on a village trip. The traditional stuff that goes with it...oh and that muddy-tasting-water...which I love....

Lastly, my only advice is to visit Fiji with an open heart and bring a sense of patience. Open heart - you'll see a lot of poverty. Sense of Patience - We have our own "clock" - Fiji Time. Oh lastly, bring mosquitoe never know when that beach hammock is going to be your bed for the night.

Good luck mate and safe travels,