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i am just about to book my round world flight and was wondering if it is worth having a stop in Fiji? I have heard from a couple of people that after spending so long in australia its just another bit of beach and not that great. I was planning on a stop but if this is true then might use it to see somewhere a bit more interesting!

just wondered what everyone else thought!


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Hi leanneh,

I stopped at Fiji on the way home from Australia. It didn't do a whole lot for me, kind of boring. I did a little snorkeling which was cool, but I found Fiji to be nothing special. I liked Tahiti and Hawaii much better (those were my other stops to and from Australia). Being a free stop, I'm glad I did stop there, but it was a little bit of a let down.

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Fiji is the most popular but not by any means the best South Pacific destination. I heartily recommend Vanuatu. much more than just another bit of beach! If you have the time and inclination, you can find authentic, intact island cultures, volcanoes and rainforests as well as beaches that are much better than Fiji.

See my post here for more thoughts on Fiji and Vanuatu

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I totally agree with sarusan, Fiji is a very popular destination in the South Pacific, however, I would recommend other islands before Fiji such as Vanuatu, Tahiti, Hawaii and Kiribati. These islands over a whole lot of culture, beautiful waters, natural sights, and friendly people. Fiji was very popular many years ago but as far as I know and have heard, the islands I have recommended have risen above that.
Wherever you decide to go, the South Pacific is a great cultural experience!!
Happy travels,

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Well after reading this it's now making me think "have we done wrong in going to Fiji". We are flying from Sydney to LA via Fiji (8 days stay) and Hawaii (5 days stay).

Would it pay for us to change our tickets and fly from sydney to Vanuatu then continue onto Hawaii then to LA? I think it will cost us about £25 (standard travel agents fee) + what the airline will charge us.


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Hi mj75,

I've never been to Vanuatu, but I probably wouldn't want to spend 8 days in Fiji. If you look at the total cost of your trip (plus the 8 free days that you have to be on vacation), to pay for a change (when considered as part of the total cost), will not actually cost that much.

If you think, now, that you'd have a better trip going to Vanuatu rather than Fiji, (If it were I) I'd pay and make the change.

Either way I'm sure it will be a great trip.

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Well, several of us have said there are better places in the South Pacific, but that's not to say you won't enjoy Fiji. Certainly if it's your first time to the South Pacific, it will be great. It's just that it didn't compare favourably when I went there AFTER Vanuatu, which blew me away. But if I had gone to Fiji first, Isurely would have enjoyed it more.

The main downsides to Fiji are the hawkers etc and general hassle you get as a tourist in town centres (even small towns like Ba), and that the towns/cities have little to recommend them unless you're in need of a western "fix" (i.e. nightclubs, cinemas, fast food etc).

The upsides are that it does have some nice beaches, the rural people are friendly, and it is cheap. The quiet spots, even on the main island, are very relaxing and scenic. Oh, and Fiji Gold beer is excellent! ;)

Treat it as an "introduction" to the South Pacific, spend one day in Nadi and/or Suva to give them a cursory glance if you must, but head for the smaller spots on the main island or head out to the other islands as soon as possible.

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hi everyone

thanks for all the replies! i think i will look around and see what other stops are available to me. I would prefer to visit somewhere that is more of an experience, somewhere where the culture is a bit different.

thanks for all your advice!!


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I'm in middle of waiting for my ticket confirmation on a one world trip right now as the airlines cancelled my fiji tickets (as the air line is a co share?) which left me disappointed but having read this I don't feel quite so bad now :)

I'm off to Tasmania instead now instead all things going ahead...