Cheap flights from NYC or PHilly to Scotland this July?!

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Hi, I'm going to Scotland (Aberdeen) for a wedding that will take place on July 16th. Unfortunately not only am I poor, but I'm also working and poor and can't take more than about 5 days off to do this.
I've heard that to book a flight to aberdeen would never come close to my budget and i'd be better off doing this in pieces so i've been looking at flying into glascow where i might find other transport to aberdeen. I'm working this summer in the middle of PA and where i fly out of is flexible, though i was thinking NYC might be the cheapest..
I've done a lot of looking at priceline, aerlingus, hotwire, student travel, justfares, orbitz,, airtreks, and sidestep (to name a few) but they all are around the same price. 700+ to fly to Glascow.

IS THERE ANY WAY I CAN FIND A FLIGHT FOR LESS??? do any of you know of any deals? discounts or options i could look into?

also, a couple of times i've come across these auction-type websites sort of like ebay for flights to all over. Are these for real?



2. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi Jen,

Try checking out Zoom Airlines.

They're a Canadian-based airline, so you'd have to catch a ride to Toronto or Ottawa first. But flights from TO to Glasgow are under $300 Canadian each way around the time you're looking to go. It'll cut a little off your ticket price.

If you play around with the dates, you may find something that suits your budget.

Hope that helps!


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I've had the best luck with Icelandair, which does fly out of NY. If you are on a tight budget and can handle doing tickets for which you can't make any changes at all (we're talking no flexibility), I wouldn't hesitate to go to Priceline. Ignore what the results pop up as--plug in your own number, and even try something ridiculously low. You'd be surprised what works sometimes. The best way to fly is to go from NY to Heathrow (LHR). You'll have a much better chance of a really low price being accepted. You can also fly out of Gatwick, which would be convenient to take EasyJet to Edinburgh. If you fly into London, take the GNER train line up to Aberdeen. I've had some misfortunes with tickets bought in advance at Kingscross before. It might be worth it to double check online and by calling if you purchase them in advance, which you would almost certainly have to do to get a good rate. If someone is in the UK right now and can purchase them for you, I'd do that.

Here is a link to the GNER website that can give you more info on train ticket prices.

I just checked on Priceline--try offering about $300, leaving from BWI (Baltimore). A bit further south, but sometimes better deals are out of the DC area. I noticed on Hotwire that the discount fares were sold out for quite a few flights out of NY.

I also checked on Icelandair, and they have rates starting at $638 if you are able to leave Tues. 12th at 8:50 p.m. from JFK to London and arrive back Tues. 19th at 6:45 p.m. Also has Wednesday departure and return. I know you can only do five days, but if all else fails...

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Hi, Check out KLM and other flights calling at Prestwick Scotland as a possibity..............and ask about last minute seat filling flight prices, but that could be a disaster if you don't get one and have to pay max fare to get over in time.............
search engines help best if you plug in "cheap flights to UK" or other words to get a spread of information.