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hey i've decided to do a round the world travel- am a female going alone-i'm planning to go to mexico, thailand, san fransisco, japan, india and morocco cant decide exactly how long for-between 3-7 months, prob more like 6-7 months. As im not planning to work in any country as it'll take away the freedom of travelling-how much do you think it is realistic to save in british pounds? also any handy tips on what i should pack?! Thanks!

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Hi again! I seem to be helping you with all your queries today!!

It is so hard to budget a trip and really the only advice is take as much as you can!! I am going with my boyfriend and we are aiming for a budget of £25 a day each (perhaps slightly more if we are doing something special that day.) We are still in the UK and we are trying to pay as much as we can at the moment for things along the way eg we have booked our first 5 nights accommodation, our fiji passes, amtrak rail passes etc so it will seem like we have less to put out when we are away.

The first thing I noticed about your itinerary is that you are going to Japan. I have heard it is quite pricey compared to other places and altogether not that accessible for backpackers. If anyone disagrees, please tell me more as I would love to go travelling there?! So maybe you should stay for only a few nights?

The other places you have mentionned are pretty cheap and I have been to the US the past 4 summers and always managed to travel on a small budget.

In terms of packing I would advise you to look at the packing list on this website as it's really good and lists things you would never have thought of taking! My little bit of advice is put all the clothes you want to take in a pile and then half it! Honestly, you do not want to be lugging a heavy backpack around, there is nothing worse! Also, toiletries, clothes etc are so much cheaper in places like the US and you can pick up supplies very easily over.

Hope this helps

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Hi there,
I agree with Rach1 in that Japan is quite pricey in comparison to other places although i wouldn't agree that it isn't accessible for backpackers, i didn't find this at all and we met a lot of backpackers when we went there earlier in the year. What i would say is transportation is expensive (so if you are doing a lot of travel by train make sure you buy a japan rail pass - however whilst this is good value for money it is still quite expensive in comparison to other places in asia). However you can eat for a reasonable price if you go to the right places. has an excellent forum specifically on Japan that i really recommend using before going. I also recommend taking a look at which is an alternative webpage with lots of interesting information on it. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Hope you enjoy your rtw trip!
take care