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Hello! I would like to ask my questions about a trip I am going to do this august summer. I want to go to Russia to travel from Moskau to Vladivostock. Travelling on the Transsiberian railroad. I want to travel on the Transsiberial railroad, but I want to get off the trains between some cities that are located alongside the Transsiberian railroad. For example, getting off the trains in Kazan, Yekatrinbourg, Tomsk/ Omsk, irkoetsk etc. I have many questons about this trip, maybe you can provide me with some information. Please help me out!
- Is it possible to take local trains between the cities that are alongside the transib railway? Because I want to get off the train in some cities that are located along the transsib railway.
- Is it possible to check in hotels in cities, without any advance reservation? Just checking in at the day of arrival (or just by calling the hotel the day before arrival) Or do the authorities want to know in advance the exact hotels and time that you plan to stay at hotels?
-Can you move and travel free in Rusland, or do you have to inform the authorites in advance about your exact initiary?
- Is it allowed when you have a one-way flight? I don't know what exact date I will have my return- ticket. I will decide that when I am at the end of the trip. Or do the authorities want to know what exact date you leave Russia?
- Can you just take trains without any reservations for chairs in advance?
- Is it possible to buy a ticket Vladivostock – Moskau, upon arrival at the airport in Vladivostock? So, at a counter of a fly company?
- are local trains between cities along the transsib railroad running on a daily base?
- Do ATM’s in Russia accept bank cards with maestro?
- Do they speak English and are all the signs also in English at the airport in Vladivotock and Moskau?

It would be great if you can help me with these questions!



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I did the Transiberian about 10 years ago. I didn't book any trains in advance, just as I went. I had no trouble doing so. To get a visa you have to give an itinerary, but once in Russia, that itinerary does not matter. Go wherever you want. I had a one way ticket, and had no problem. As long as you have your visa (which you must get in advance) you will be fine.

Russians do not speak English! Well, a few do, but not many. This is a country where independent travellers would really benefit from speaking the local language.

Lake Baikal is a must-stop. So beautiful! Try and get a homestay on Olkhon Island. That was one of my all-time best travel memories. But eastern Russia is COLD- even in summer. I went in August, and I ended up buying a winter coat!

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You'll have many of your questions answered at this Web site:

I took the Trans-Mongolian from Beijing to Moscow in 2015; and I suspect the experiences are somewhat similar, although a fellow passenger who previously has traveled on both trains preferred the Trans-Mongolian, which is staffed by Chinese conductors throughout the journey.

I have used credit and debit cards in Russia without difficulty. One-way flights are OK, too. I am flying in August from Seoul to Vladivostok; from Vladivostok to Petropavlovsk; and in September from Petropavlovsk to Moscow. On earlier trips I took one-way flights from Moscow to St. Petersburg; and from St. Petersburg to Kaliningrad; and from there to Yerevan, Armenia via Moscow.

Madpoet's observations are right on the mark.

You'll have no problems navigating the airports. But it helps to understand a few words in Cyrillic. Pectopah, for example, is the word for restaurant. I'm now in London after having traveled in Ukraine, where many of the street signs in Lviv and Kiev are both in Cyrillic and Latin/Roman characters. That was not the case a decade ago when I first traveled in Ukraine.

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Hi Scott and Bob, thanks for your great info! I will look at the things you advised! I hope signs (things like “gates” ets, typical airport important things) are also in English! And I hope that I can buy a ticket Vladivostock – Moskau at the day of arrival in Vladivostock!

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Maybe the Man in Seat 61 can be helpful .. he is usually good for all things train.


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I hope i also please can find some answers about the following 2 things. Its difficult to find an answer for these 2 questions. I hope someone knows any answers? Any help will be appreciated very much!
1.Is it possible to EXTEND a tourist visa when i am in Russia? I will travel by train from Moskau to Vladivostock. I will buy in Vladivostock a flight ticket back to Moskau so that I can be back in Moskau in order to leave Russia. This will be the last day (30th) of my tourist visa. But what happends when that day there are no seats available? Because i cannot buy a one-way ticked in advance, i can only buy it at arrival at the airport. Then my visa is expired, while still being in Russia. What can I do then? Is there a way to extend the visa in that case? And where is the office to extend in Vladivostock. What is the sanction when you are in Russia with a visa that is expired?
2. Is it possible to buy in main tourist season, summer August, traintickets at the day you are departing.? I hear contradicting stories. Some say you absolutely have to buy a ticking far ahead when its summer. I never do that because I am often not sure if I am really in the particular town at that day, because unpredictable delays can always happen, so I prefer to buy a ticket at the the day of departure at the window of the ticket office. I d rather not like to be stuck in a place for more days than planned, just because there are no seats in the train to the next city...