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Tasting Tasmania

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1. Posted by aussirose (Respected Member 214 posts) 41w Star this if you like it!

Anyone planning to come to Australia in May 2018 is invited to a campervan tagalong trip around Tasmania. I have created a new Group here of Australian meetups and this is the first Aussie Meetup. So register your interest on the Australia Meetings Group forum. Should be a fun experience.

2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 5164 posts) 41w Star this if you like it!

This'll probably be a bit later in the year then would fit for our very tentative plans to return to Australia and New Zealand, but as our plans tend to be changing all the time, I'll keep this in mind very strongly.

In any case, this sounds like the makings of a very awesome trip!

3. Posted by Peter (Admin 6257 posts) 41w Star this if you like it!

Definitely a good chance I could make this one. It's been a while since I've gone down to Tassie and doing it as part of a meetup sounds like a lot of fun.

For those interested, the TP meetup group that Ann set up can be found here (I'm sure that will come in handy for other meetups too ;))

4. Posted by aussirose (Respected Member 214 posts) 41w Star this if you like it!

It'll be cool to meet up Sander and Peter if you can make it. May is a good time for Tassie as it will be Autumn and away from the peak season. Should be good for some great photography too :)

5. Posted by Tabithag (Full Member 106 posts) 41w Star this if you like it!

We are planning to be in New Zealand from January to March or April next year, so this might be feasible for us, and sounds fun. We both enjoy food, but I noticed on the group entry that it refers to lots of fish and seafood. Sadly, while my husband is fine with that, both are a complete no go area for me (believe me, you wouldn't want to see the consequences,) so does that make this a non starter for me or is it going to be be more flexible than that?

6. Posted by aussirose (Respected Member 214 posts) 41w 1 Star this if you like it!

Hi Tabitha. So nice to meet you :)

Goodness no! There will be plenty of gourmet food besides seafood.
I hope you are not allergic to wine...... ;) lol.

Those that love fresh seafood though are in for a real treat as Tassie is renowned for ultra fresh oysters etc.

However I can assure you Tabitha that this will be all about meeting new friends, enjoying fun company with plenty of laughs and good times. All sorts of food is just the icing on the cake :)

Please have a read some of my blogs on our other Aussie road trips - 2014 Cairns to the top end of Australia, 2013 Perth to bottom end of Australia. Hopefully this will help you to see that hubby and I just love having fun on our holidays and all the better when we can enjoy the trip with like minded people who enjoy travelling around the countryside.


7. Posted by Tabithag (Full Member 106 posts) 41w Star this if you like it!

Thanks Ann, will have a look at your past trips, but it sounds like fun.