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My friends and I want to travel to Thailand. What are the best places to go to? :)

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If you want to receive useful responses, you need to describe what you and your friends like to do. If you're all 76 years old and into crochet, a week in Pattaya isn't likely to be the type of experience you're looking for. Beaches, yoga, white-water rafting, museums, history, spiritualism, batik, surfing - what are you after?

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When you visit will determine the weather you get. Tourists do visit every day of the year even if rainy, hot or mild weather. Christmas-New Years period highest price for hotels but some tourists prefer the weather at this time. Cheapest hotels are during the off season.

Either you or one of your friends should have laptop or desktop computer. You might find your research easier to do with a larger screen. Google and forum search can be helpful. Even an old fashioned printed travel guide can be helpful.

All of Thailand has summer-type weather not just beaches. If you are coming from long distance my advice is to stay at least 2 weeks. Bangkok, a beach area and a visit to northern Thailand gives you a good start for where to go. My advice is to finish up back in Bangkok for a final night or two so you have an easy ride to the airport. Bangkok has 2 airports. Suvarnabhumi is the newer and larger airport receiving most of the international flights. Domestic and international flights arrive/depart from both airports. Don Muang has many local flights and some international flights from nearby countries.

You should plan a budget out and know how much per day you have for spending money after paying for your plane tickets. Tourists with all sorts of budgets from "Cheap Charlie" thrift travelers like me to very wealthy tourists visit Thailand and everything in between. Some tourists must work hard and save up for the trip and some younger tourists might even have rich parents who pay for everything.

Do some research!! Thailand might be bigger than you think! Don't forget you all need passports, some tourists even get shots too so see your doctor. Depending on what passport you use and how long you will visit will determine if you apply for a visa at home or enter Thailand with a free Visa Exemption stamp. Research this too! (Don't know where to start - start with a Google search!)

Take the time to read some of the many posts for Thailand on this forum. Look at a map of Thailand and see where the cities are located that you have an interest in. Always research scams to avoid and how to handle money!

"My friends and I want to travel to Thailand."

More than 4 people may be a pain in the ass just going from place to place. (Most of the taxis are Toyota - Honda sized 4 door sedans that are tight with 4 people plus bags.) Don't encourage more people.

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