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I have a bit of a problem and I'm really confused. I've just moved to Mildura to start my three months (or 88 days) work in order to get my second year visa. I'm staying in a working hostel...the hostel itself is fantastic and I think I really got lucky. However, in terms of working I'm finding things a bit of a mine field. I started working yesterday in a juice packing shed, but I only worked for three hours which I'm assuming will not count towards my 2nd year days. Can anyone tell me how many hours a day you need to be working/paid for in order for it to count? Also, what is the minimum that I should be getting paid per hour in order for the job to qualify towards my second year visa (before/after tax)? You would think these questions would be answered by my employer, however he's a horrible man and just keeps saying "We'll sort it out, we'll sort it out". I've asked the hostel where I'm staying these questions and their answers are a bit sketchy too. Hoping that someone on here can give me clear answers. I've had a look online, but as I say it seems a bit of a mine field and confusing. I've only just started my farm work, so if I'm working and these days are not counting towards my second year then I'd rather know now so I can change jobs. Thanks.

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Ask your questions .. of the Australian government here http://www.border.gov.au/about/contact/make-enquiry

Come back here & let us all know the response.

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And there was a similar thread here = http://www.travellerspoint.com/forum.cfm?thread=110324

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I've asked the Australian Government both online and over the phone...they are very unhelpful and just read from the website which is confusing. I'm working 5 days a week (full time) for an employer, so does this mean that if I stay with this employer for three calendar months then my regional work will be complete? The government website say you need to work the amount of hours that is standard in the industry you're working in, and that generally the standard weekly hours in Australia is 35 - 40 hours a week, but that it ls different depending on the industry. Well, at the job I'm working in, the hours are dependent on the needs of the industry. For example, I did 38 hours one week, 35 hours another week, 33 hours another week. This week I did 33 hours over Monday - Friday...will this count as a week? I did 33 hours as that was the hours/needs of the business...even managers worked those hours. Also, what about public holidays when your employment is closed?

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Personally, from what you say & my reading of the website , I think you will be fine .. you are working the full time hours required by your employer. And I would not worry about public holidays either.

Make sure you read the website section "Evidence of specified work' & collect all of the bits of paper they refer to.

The only thing I can suggest if you still feel unsure, is to figure which weeks / days do not match what you think is the requirement ( e.g less than 35 ) & work extra days to bring the numbers up.