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Hi there.

I am craving to spend about a month in Turkey. June is selected because it's the perfect weather for me by that time - not too hot, but the water is warm already. But we can stay longer if we survive :)

This would not be my first time, I've already hitch-hiked from Izmir to Van (also tried to go into Syria on my border run, but it was already a war there).

So the idea is to spend a lazy time. Walking or hitch-hiking, sleeping on the shore. My idea is to start from Antalya and go west, but we can change it to "from Izmir to Antalya"- no big deal.

In my previous wandering I realized that having someone to talk to is better than going alone. I am looking for a male companion only. No, not because I am afraid of something (haven't had any problems for all periods of hitch-hiking, and it was about 3 month in sum), - just for practical reasons - men can carry something heavy, more handy in the camp etc. :) And with male companion I can say that we are married and avoid situations like the one I had on the road from Iskenderun when I was proposed to be a second wife, because the first wife (!) liked me :))) Man, that was awkward )))

Ok, so, a little about me. I'm from Russia (which you could discover already with the number of ) I put in text ), 38, female. Usually work as troubleshooter between users and all the IT crowd. Quit my job recently and realized that I need a break from calming people down, reasoning them, dealing with "unstable characters of DevOps and coders" . Since I find Turkey to be the best ever location for any traveling - prices, people, hitch-hike friendly and - one never will be let alone on the road or anywhere if help is needed, I decided that it will be Turkey again.

What should I say from the beginning:
- I am a BBW. Active one, former road bicycle amateur racer etc, etc, but still a BBW.
- I don't like mountains. Never did, even when I was working in archeological site in the mountains of North Osetia. We can walk some parts of Lykian way, but not the really mountain ones.
- this one will be funny - I don't speak turkish :) Just few phrases, enough for getting somewhere, but mostly I use emotions, face expressions and sign language
- I don't drink , yes, really
- the worst one - I cook like shit

What I am looking for in partner:
- Male
- age from 38
- can walk without chatting for long (mandatory! - look up for my job again and you'll understand )
- can cook :)
- not a drunker
- don't snore (or I'll kill you :))

Things like tent (everyone carry his own or one for both), track, our physical abilities, likes\dislikes, sense of humor (mine is wide and includes sarcasm and dry a lot) will be discussed with the person who did not run away screaming already. I think that it is better to warn about everything from beginning, instead of writing "i am a flower, like to share, bring joy and know cultures and people". Better to expect the worse and then find out that the person is much better

Ok, poke me with something and we shall proceed to the Summer Path of Introverts

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That has to be one of the best (and funniest) intro's I've ever read. Wish I was free to go travelling with you. Good luck. :-)

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