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We are leaving for a roadtrip around Europe soon (less than 3 weeks) and I haven´t found answer to some questions.
Mainly for this:
1. Can we just drive to the ferry at Frederikshavn or must we book ahead? We did use the famous bridge last time, so we´d like to use this route this time. But I didn´t find info from their page to tell if we can do it without booking. Would be nice if we could just see witch time we happen to be there, but can´t miss the ferry anyway!
Two other questions are about stickers needed at Germany and France.
2. In Germany I belive the stickers are needed only in some towns. We are mostly only staying for aleepover at Germany this time, and towns are Munster at north and Bamberg. I´ve heard you don´t need stickers at every town, can anyone tell are they needed at those ones.
3. I just heard there is stickers needed at France also, can we get them/it when we are there? Where do we get it?

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Hi Turska, about the ferry, best ask someone with local knowledge. There are six sailings per day, so I can hardly see trouble when arriving without reservation, except maybe at the peak of the high season.

About the environmental stickers: thanks to the bureaucracy of our united Europe, Germany and France do not accept each others' stickers.
For France, you hardly need one. It is only needed when you want to visit central Paris, i.e. the part of the city within the great ring road( Bd. Periferique ) but not the ring road itself.
And in some cities, e.g. Lyon and Grenoble, but only on days with high pollution.
If you still want a sticker, buy a Vignet Crit'Air at the official site:
The price is € 3,70 plus around €5 postage.
Germany is a different story. There are many places that don't allow dirty cars, a list is here:
If you need to buy a sticker, this website will give you a lot of info: umweltplakette.org
Sorry, it is in German only.
Safe travels, leonito.