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So guys I resently moved to Dallas,Tx,USA from PAKISTAN.
So back in my country I passed secondry school which is up to grade 10 (Sophmore as called in usa), and instead of taking me in on grade 11 ( Junior) the Hebron High School is making me sit in grade 9 (Freshman) and I am 17 so I cant sit in with children which are way more younger than me.
So can I do someting about it mabey there is a procces by which I can go straight to college (Because I have checked college books and the subjects are very easy and i have studied them in grade 10 in Pakistan) or grade 11.
Please help if you can!!!!

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In what way does this belong on a travel forum?

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Hi. As a former teacher, I'll suggest you talk to the guidance counselor at your school. If anyone could help you, it would be the guidance counselor. You may be able to test up to the proper grade. There also may be an alternative school in the district that could accept you and let you progress at your own speed which would allow you to graduate much more quickly by taking a heavier load of courses.

If that doesn't work, ask your parents to talk to the school principal and take a translator if they need one. Don't try to do the translating yourself because the principal needs to hear it from an unbiased source.

If all this doesn't work, go ahead and apply to colleges. You do not have to graduate from high school to go to many colleges. I have several friends who dropped out of high school and went directly to college. You may need to take either the ACT or SAT tests to qualify for admission. Contact the Admissions Officer at the colleges that interest you. Also, be aware that if you've just moved here and do not have a Texas high school diploma, you may have to pay out-of-state tuition which can be more expensive.

You can also look at local community colleges and start there and transfer to a university. You have a lot of options.

Good luck.

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My grandmother came from Germany when she was 14 and they put her back in first grade. She dropped out of school, and I don't think this did her any particular harm although she did not have a profession. Her English was very good- that is important.

But being 20 and entering college is not really terrible either. Some people take a gap year between HS and college.

I think the best idea is to take the SAT and or the ACT and then apply to some local colleges. My children were taking college classes concurrently with HS so you might investigate that also.

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