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Hello everyone, so, I'm writing on here as I would like to get some advice.
In the near future, I would like to move to Canada, I have trought of Vancouver and Ontario, or even Toronto. However, I need some about this..

I was born in Poland, however I have lived in England for 8 years. I am an holder of an Polish passport that allows me to travel to over 100+countries. However, I don't know if I need an visa to Canada so I can stay there forever.
Should I, travel there on a eTA and stay there and try to gain an visa(if this is possible) or shall I need to apply for a visa to live and work there?
Can anyone explaim to me how all of it works? Because still from all the things I have read, I can't figure out what to do :(

Thank you for any future responses :)

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Have a read of this & then get back here if you think you need any more help

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With that said, most immigration laws are based on intent, and what they can prove you intend to do. If you INTEND to immigrate then you need to apply for an immigration visa. As far I know EU citizens are visa exempt if you plan to visit, but not stay. I'm pretty sure you can visit, find a job and then apply for a immigration visa. However if the Canadian government finds out you originally entered the country on a visitor visa with the INTENT on staying they can throw you out for violating your visitor visa.

Not familiar with Canadian immigration laws, so you will have to go online for that stuff or get a lawyer. In general, you have to be gainfully employed or be investing in the country (significant chunk of money). Which makes sense, no country wants you to come and live off their welfare. If however you can get an employer to sponsor your visa, then that is the most common route to legal immigration.

Good luck!

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It makes no difference to Canadian immigration whether you apply to immigrate from outside or inside Canada. The immigration process is exactly the same. Neither is easier. But the immigration process is long ( one to two years) so unless you can work then maybe difficult to wait that long while here.
One idea if you're under 35. You can apply for a working holiday permit.

So long as you don't tell them that you're intending to immigrate. Otherwise they won't give you the permit.

Good luck!