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1. Posted by DaisyWhite (Budding Member 4 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

This is my first time on the forums. I would like to know if it's convenient or possible go around and from one to another in Stockholm, Tallinn, Vilnius and Riga in public transport. I would also be grateful if somebody answer if english is commonly speaked for many peolple in this places. Thanks.

2. Posted by Tabithag (Full Member 118 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

I haven't been to Stockholm for many years, so can't comment on there, but I visited Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius last year. We used public transport to get around in each city, and found it very easy. There are good buses between the cities, although that wasn't what we did. We used public transport (trains or buses) within Estonia, and from Parnu in Estonia to Riga, but after that I hired a car and drove around Latvia and Lithuania.

Within the main tourist areas of all three cities, there were plenty of people who spoke very good English, and even outside of those areas, we had no trouble.

3. Posted by Beausoleil (Travel Guru 586 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

If language is a problem, take a smart phone or tablet with you and use Google Translate. It's free.

Type in what you want to say and click translate (into whatever language you want). You will then have the phrase in your language and in the new language. Click on the little speaker icon below the translations and it will speak it out loud in either language. We met a lady in France who only spoke French and she had this and used it with all kinds of people so she could talk to them in their own language. It's a little slow and the translations are not perfect, but it is a great way to get to know people. She had a wonderful time with it.

4. Posted by hasbeen (Travel Guru 1260 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

The man in seat 61 will give you everything & more than you need to know about trains & ferries in that area.

Also, Google search for 'public transport in ( whatever city you want ) & look for bus passes or tourist cards .. although all those cities are very walkable & depending on what you want to see, you might not need buses etc.


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6. Posted by ToonSarah (Travel Guru 565 posts) 1y Star this if you like it!

We took a bus from Riga to Tallinn. A number of companies serve this route - we used Lux and travelled on their Lux Express which is their mid-priced option (they have other buses that are both more and less luxurious). In 2015 I paid 16 euros. The bus leaves from the main bus station in Riga, also picks up at the Radisson Blu hotel and takes about 4.5 hours to Tallinn with one 'comfort' break - although that isn't really needed as their are toilets on board. There's also free wifi and hot drinks. I found it very comfortable and convenient. Have a look at

I found people spoke good English in Tallinn and a reasonable amount in Riga - certainly enough for you to be able to manage. But I don't know what it's like in more rural areas.

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8. Posted by leics2 (Respected Member 294 posts) 41w Star this if you like it!

Can't speak for Stockholm (though I'm pretty certain there'll be no issues with English in Sweden) but I've used ordinary buses in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia with no problems. Many people speak fluent English, most have at least a little Beausoleil says...using googletranslate (even if it isn't always 100% reliable!) will help if you're really stuck.

Another option, and one which I've used in several countries, is to use googletranslate and then write down what it says to show the relevant person. But, to be honest, it's usually enough just to say the name of the place you're going (which everyone will understand) and they'll sort out the ticket. A smile plus gestures go a long way, everywhere! :-)

Daytickets and passes for longer periods can be useful but only if you intend to use public transport a lot. Most visitors don't actually do that so the passes etc aren't automatically financially beneficial.

9. Posted by Kathrin_E (Travel Guru 306 posts) 41w Star this if you like it!

It will be better to write down the name of the destination and/or the address - pronunciation is often tricky, English speakers in particular are prone to making a big mess out of foreign names, so it may not be understood vocally.

(Let's hope the OP will still look into this thread, as it is several weeks old and was only topped by a spammer today).

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