New to backpacking, have a few questions.

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My brother and I are hoping to be in london come this time next year. We then plan to head south until we reach the Mediterranean coast and travel into Italy. we've got the basics covered(passports, Language studies, guide books, savings, etc.) but there are a few questions I've got for seasoned travellers.

1. I read about travellers insurance and was wondering just how necessary it is. Also, around how much would I be looking at for a years worth of bare bones medical coverage?

2. I've also been looking into sites that I can use to apply for jobs in Italy(where we may end up spending most of our time) and was wondering wether or not I would need a work visa?

3. How long before they kick me out? Is there a limit to how long you can stay and be a traveller as opposed to an illegal resident?

I've got several more questions but I'll post later if I get any replies. Thanks to anyone and everyone who can provide a little information.

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Most travel insurance policies are for a maximum of 90 days or 180 days. Policy terminates after the maximum stay allowed.

Better check with your insurance agent what's the maximum term of the policy.

If you simply wants to have some cover for medical expenses, you might wanna look at Personal Accident with a rider for Medical Expenses. Again, some PA policies terminate on the 90th day if there's a change in your residency (i.e. you relocate to another country on long term basis). Check with your insurance agent on this too.

For the rest of your questions, I can't afford any answers as I've not tried backpacking before.


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I am also planning a trip to Europe for about a year. As i understand it if you qualify as a student an ISE card might be a good option for medical insurance throughout your membership you are covered with basic medical benefits that cover up to $2,000 in medical expenses, and up to $5,000 in evacuation fees. I plan on getting one.

In terms of work. I know many people work odd jobs to make ends meet. I dont think its all legal but i'm not sure how strickly enforced it is.

Hope this info helped. I am still learning myself.