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My experience in Singapore&Malaysia

Travel Forums Asia My experience in Singapore&Malaysia

1. Posted by Zhou (Full Member 126 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

OK, I`m back! Just uploaded some pictures to my photo gallery. They look distorted in too small sizes.

This trip was really special to me because it was the first time for me to visit other Asian countries, the first time to travel abroad after my student life ended, and the first time to travel with my own money instead of my parents`. I`ve never felt so affectionate with other Asians, while they were not different from other foreigners to me before.

Frankly, Singapore provided me not much surprise though it did leave me a very good impression. It is small,tidy and clean. But the city looked familiar. I can find buildings, shopping malls and grasslands with similar styles in Beijing as well. I went to most of the places recommended by TP members, took buses and subways,and met with people from inside and other countries. As Chinese race is the main group in Singapore,I almost didn`t need to speak English there. It was all fun but the weather was kind of strange-I could endure hot but it was fuggy and sweltering when I was there. I can`t say the Singaporese are very warm, but they are indeed polite and helpful. I went to Clarke Quay with a British guy who was just back from Malaysia. He had a much better impression on Singapore, thinking it perfectly safe;but later that day, I saw a stealing in Sentosa. I believe the thief should be from elsewhere but it proved my theory that nowhere is safe enough.--I don`t mean to disappoint Singaporese in this forum.

Three days is not enough-as the Singapore tourim slogan goes-but I didn`t have enough time, so I left for Malacca late on the second day. Luckily, I was in Malaysia,"wonderful Malaysia"(tourism slogan again). To me, Malaysia is a more exciting place with its larger landscape and very mixed races and cultures. I`d never seen so many different races of Asians in one place before, but it was interesting that I could read and understand their facial expression and body languages-is it because I`m also an Asian? Compared with Singapore, it was also dirtier and messy-PUTRAJAYA is another case-I didn`t care much however, because I was from China.

Malacca is an ancient city, so do take a walk in those alleys when you are there. You`ll discover things interesting.

KL had been listed as a travel destination since I watched the movie Entrapment. I used to dream of climbing high up the twin towers but it ended in me only shopping in KLCC. Though I was warned by several Singaprese of not going out at night in KL, I went to the Starlight Road(what`s the real English name for it?), and didn`t go back to my hotel till midnight. I enjoyed the atmosphere there~!

Finally, I`m gonna talk about the most amazing experience of walking in the clouds. I spent a whole night in Genting Highlands and lived in a hotel with 6800 rooms and various indoor&outdoor entertainments,encircled with clouds! Yes, it was opened for gambling, but I had never been to a highland and strolled in clouds. For curiosity, I went to Casino at night with five other young girls, but I was the only one to be stopped outside and asked twice by two different guards to show my passport and prove that I was older than 21. Baby face problem haunted me abroad. So I had to thank them both for regarding me less than 21 with very firm attitudes.

Back to singapore from Johore Bahru-you could see three big pipes for transporting water from Malaysia with around 0.03 Singapore dollar/ton, but Singapore sells it back to Malaysia with 0.3 Singapore dollar/ton after the water is purified.

Well, I`ve written too much to get others bored and myself sleepy, so I`ll end here to take a snap.

2. Posted by mim (Travel Guru 1276 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

hey it sound like your having fun!
did you try a Singapore sling (cocktail) invented in Singapore??

also have you seen the travel diary section of travellerspoint, if you use that then anyone can access your diary that you want to and it wont get lost in the back and beyonds of the TP threads after you spent so long typing it up!


3. Posted by cikusang (Respected Member 1361 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

About the Star Light Road, better stick it on to the original Chinese name. U seem to hear 'something' in Malaysia, that's good about travelling, yeah? Next time if you want to go for a really 'true colour' of Malaysia, call me,ok? I think Hien will be happy also.