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1. Posted by Katiehamm (Budding Member 4 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Hi everyone! So I'm headed to Mexico for a family vacation soon and had some questions about my birth control pill and what to expect when going through TSA and customs going to Mexico and coming back from Mexico.
I recently just started the pill, and my parents aren't understanding so I go to Planned Parenthood to get them to help regulate my hormones and periods and make them manageable.
Is there a way to get them through without my parent knowing?

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I just went to Mexico and back and am also on the pill. There is no reason for you to worry-- no airport security will ever ask, check, or say anything about your birth control. Your secret will be safe!! It is not an issue. Especially since birth control is not a substance with potential for abuse or illicit sale. Just leave it in its oroginal packaging. You will be fine! Don't fret.

I'm sorry your parents aren't supportive-- you're making the right decision by protecting yourself!

Safe travels, and enjoy the beautiful country of Mexico!!


3. Posted by Katiehamm (Budding Member 4 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

But when I fill out the forms. Do I have to declare it? Will I get in trouble if I don't?

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Here is a sample US customs declaration .. no mention of medication & ditto Mexican version

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What about bag checks? I don't want to get in trouble over this with customs or my parents. Neither is good.

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The only 100% risk free way is to not take them at all but you should speak to you doctor about that. If you HAVE to take them, I doubt very much that your carry on bag will be searched .. it will be scanned but your parents will not see the scan. Keep the contents of the bag to a minimum so everything can be seen on the scanner & they won't need to search.

You could pack them in a checked bag but there is the chance of it getting lost.

Use up all the pills while you are away & coming home will not be an issue at all,

7. Posted by Katiehamm (Budding Member 4 posts) 4y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for your help! Anyone else just go to Mexico and has experience?

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I have not been to Mexico recently, but I've been through security a bunch of times, and I take 7 prescription pills, 2 inhalers and 4 OTC medications. Everyone tells you that you need to keep the pills in their original packaging. But if I did that, I'd have no room in my luggage for anything else. as some of the pills are huge and come in really big bottles. So I put the pills in one of those carriers that has the pills for each day, and it has never been questioned.

What has been questioned - the battery for my scooter has caused the most problem. My husband's electric razor and the battery in his carryon causes them to search his bag. They have looked suspiciously at my cane. And of course I always have to take out my laptop. I don't know if cell phones are still a problem. Twenty years ago when I had high speed film in lead bags so that it wouldn't be exposed by the X-rays in the baggage check, I sometimes had to take the film out for them to see. Once when I was wearing steel toed boots, I forgot that I had them on and they set the alarm off. My watch set it off once too. The TSA often looks through my scooter bag if I check the scooter.

Once I was flying with my scuba gear and I had a box wrench to put the regulator on the air tank, and they took it away from me and told me that the pilot would keep it in the cockpit. I guess they thought I might get bored and try to disassemble the seats or something.

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If you can get yourself pre-TSA checked the secruity is a lot more relaxed, you don't need to take shoes of or remove your laptop from the bag. When we flew into Mexico City they did give us a form to fill out and while I couldn't actually read it, a Mexican passanger sitting next to me was kind enough to translate it for me, and there was nothing in it about declaring medication. Mexico isn't a Catholic Theocracy like El Salvador, you can even buy contraceptive pills over the counter in Mexico and because they are cheaper than in America some American women stock up on pills before going home. Seems no one is stopping them:).