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Hi there,
Same here, during my first travel to Australia, I'm too afraid because I'm travelling alone and the result is, I am not enjoying my vacation. So DOn't be afraid or else you'll miss a chance to enjoy those beautiful places. Hmm. Being afraid is given so don't tolerate it... Step on it.

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This thread is a bit old and so maybe the travel in question has already occurred. I thought I'd chime in from experience as a lone female traveler of similar age and a US citizen.

First, as a solo traveler, I love it! You have freedom and flexibility to do what you want and when. Sometimes compromise can be hard to do when traveling with others. You also tend to talk to others more - to locals and other travelers alike. Depending on the location, sometimes people "look out for you" when they notice you are a lone female traveler. You do also need to be more aware of your surroundings and listen to your gut instinct. It can be scary, but it also helps that you are considering another English speaking nation.

The US is a big place and we like to drive cars here. As others have mentioned, public transportation (bus, train, etc) is generally used by poor people and runs through some sketchy areas. Many of the bus or train stations are in downtown city areas that are not the best or safest area. If you can arrive/travel during daylight, you are much better off than being in those locations at night. I live in the Minneapolis area and feel safe enough taking public transportation during the day, but will not travel alone at night on the bus or train here. I have known other solo travelers that have had no problems in Minneapolis.

My favorite cheap airline is Southwest because your carry on and checked bags fly for free. The only downfall is no assigned seating, so the sooner you check in for your flight (up to 24 hr in advance), the better boarding position you have. Spirit airlines is another cheap airline, but you do have to pay for bags, even most carry on bags. If you don't pay upfront when booking, it is very expensive to pay at the gate. Both of these cheaper airlines are limited in their destinations and direct flights might be harder to find between cities.

I have taken several trips around the US and Canada. Some trips I drive my own car and some I fly to another city and rent a car. I don't enjoy hostels any more at my age. I feel I am twice the age of most others there and have a hard time connecting with the younger crowd - I just feel old. I prefer camping, but will do cheap hotels as well. I haven't tried airbnb here, but it is becoming very popular. If you plan to only visit cities, do research ahead of time to see what attractions the city has to offer, and how the public transportation works. If you want to see some of the National Parks, plan to rent a car. If you are nervous driving in the US, try a trip that avoids the coasts and big cities. The West (Las Vegas, Salt Lake City Denver) or Midwest (Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis) might be good places to start. The east (New York, Atlanta) and west coasts (Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland) have large cities and lots of traffic. I find the open roads in the middle and west part of the country much less stressful to drive on.

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I understand you. Travelling alone might be a bit scary sometimes. My advice is do some research about the place you wan't to travel then try to watch also some vlogs for further references, and lastly just enjoy every moment of your trip and make the most out of it.

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