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1. Posted by Riadhou (Budding Member 22 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!


I am 63 years old.My wife ,57.

We visited in cyclades (Mykonos,delos,mykonos,paros,sifnos,

folegandros and santorini.

In Dodecanese :Rhodes,symi and patmos.

In the Ionian islands :Corfu and paxos.

In mainland:Athens and peloponnese.

We would like to return in greece in summer 2018 (probably end of August) for 3 weeks.

We will rent a car if needed.

We are not fan of beaches.but we like have stay with view over the sea.

We privilgise the decouverts, picturesque villages

amazing roads with great and beautuful views ,

festivities ,festivals , traditionnal food and music (bouzuki), archeological places and meuseums,

An active nightlife : it is important to spend the night for a dinner,have a stroll in animed places .( we don't like a city witch sleeps from 10 pm.

In your opinion ,what are the 3 islands in Cyclades or sporades that seems corresponding to these expectations.

We are thinking about:

1) Tinos,naxos and ios or/syros

2) Naxos,amorgos and astypaleia

3) Skiathos,Skopelios and Pelion .

Do you have please any recommandations about those itiberaries or aby others suggestions??

Thank you in advance


2. Posted by anniesweetiepie (Full Member 23 posts) 2y 2 Star this if you like it!

I hope I am not too late, I just joined the forum.

1) Tinos, Naxos and Ios or/Syros
These are considered family friendly destinations. Plenty of sightseeing in Naxos, Syros has a beautiful town... Naxos and Tinos have great food.
Tinos is not in my top list however, found it too empty. Ios has great beaches and plenty of nightlife choices. It is considered a party destination for young travellers. So if you get there you might want to find off the beaten path places to visit.

2) Naxos, Amorgos and Astypalaia
These three are a great combination. I've done it before. Never felt more relaxed on an island than in Amorgos and Asypalaia!!! Astypalaia has it all, nice food- especially sea food at good prices, great atmosphere, there are places for nightlife. I'd gladly visit all of them again. Plus, they do have amazing beaches and great scenery. Naxos is also nice to use it as your base and get around the rest of the Cyclades in case you get bored. Beautiful beaches, tasty local products and dishes... it has nightlife choices but not plenty. Paros is much better if you are looking for a night out. What I liked about Naxos was the beaches, the sightseeing, the food and the day trips!

3) Skiathos,Skopelos and Pelion .
Ah... another favourite. Hidden gems everyone should visit. Lush green islands (Skiathos, Skopelos) with great views, nice villages and great taverns!! Pelion is the love of my life. If I had the time I would write you pages with what to do there. I've grown up in Volos, the city below Pelion. This place is magical!!! Great for hiking, nice food, picturesque villages, beautiful villages- it only lacks in nightlife. There are some choices though in Horefto, Agios Ioannis, Tsagarada, Potistika. You can find nice cafeterias that turn into lounge bars in the evenings. I've been having summer vacation in Mt. Pelion since 1990 and never felt bored. The sea combined with the mountain gives a breath of fresh air... Even 2 days there count as if you stayed 1 week. Love the energy of Mt. Pelion. Stunning views especially from Tsagarada and Zagora <3 Skiathos has vivid nightlife, really close to Pelion especially Banana Beach is about 20 minutes with sea taxi from south Pelion!!! Skopelos has even better beaches... not so great nightlife though. Skiathos has it all...

  • I'd say go for No3 or No2 :)

In case you have already chosen your destination I'd be glad to help with extra info.

3. Posted by Riadhou (Budding Member 22 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Thank you very much for your reply.

You have well descripted each island with itheir caracteristics.
Do you think that samos is more interesting to visit then tinos and syros?.
I skiathos and skopelos are in the top of my proramming list.
I hope to spend 3 days in Pelion.But my program is for 20 days which is not enough to include pelion.

My program is to spend 20 days in Greece.

I will fly from zurich to mykonos and from there the same day the ferry to tinos (25 mn) for 3 nights ,and 1 day in mykonos and 2 nights syros .
From syros the ferry to samos for 4 days and 1 day excursion to Ephesus.

From samos i will flight to thessaloniki (overnight).
1 day in metora ,2 nights in skiathos and 5 days in skopelos.I will have to return to volos and thessaloniki for the return flight.

Could you please advise me how to organize better my 20 days in Greece in august 2018 .

My departure from zurich will be in 10 august 2017.I must arrive to skopelos at least on 26 august because of the 6th intl festival of the folklore dance.

In case you will advise me a better itinerary including the Pelion , is it better to stay in Milies ,vyzytsa ,afissos or tsagarda horefto zagora makrinitsa , portaria?
What are the most beautiful villages to visit in 3 days.

Waiting fir your reply ,i am in harry to book the flights because the price changes every day.
Warm regards

4. Posted by anniesweetiepie (Full Member 23 posts) 2y 1 Star this if you like it!

Hi :)

I saw your message first so I replied there.

Best regards,


5. Posted by anniesweetiepie (Full Member 23 posts) 2y 1 Star this if you like it!

In case anyone else is interested...

Samos is different. It is an island in the Aegean Sea, close to Turkey, which is characterised by well-preserved villages, gorgeous beaches with crystal waters and rich history with many significant historical sites and museums. The birthplace of the mathematician Pythagoras and the astrophysicist Aristarchos is the nearest to the Asia Minor coastal island in the Mediterranean! It's famous not only for its wine but also for its monumental vegetation. If you get there: dive into the glorious waters of Tsamadou Beach, visit the village Vourliotes for the panoramic view, ask about the Mikro Seitani. Combine fresh fish and other fantastic seafood delicacies with frozen ouzo at the harbour of Karlovasi. If you are looking for a different approach to explore the Aegean Sea, then Samos might be an option.

In my opinion Syros has a better Chora but not so many great beaches. Syros is very well known locally but not internationally. What makes Syros and Ermoupolis so different from the rest of the Cyclades is not solely the architecture; it’s the fact that the island feels like a real Greek place. Package holidays there are almost non-existent. Syros remains lively even during off-season, you can find a small community of students as well. Dotted with endless shops, cafes and bars, it’s a great place to see on foot or bicycle.

Tinos is something more than just the Monastery of Virgin Mary. Above all, the taste and the elegant atmosphere of this island create a relaxing scenery, which is typically Cycladic, beautiful and fascinating.
If I had to choose I'd say Samos or Tinos for the beaches. However, Samos is far away from your other destinations. Syros is great any time of the year. If you are going to return to Greece you can leave it for another visit. Syros is called by plenty the hidden beauty of the Cyclades... If you are looking for nice buildings and culture better get to Syros.

During the summer the best place to stay in Pelion is Tsagarda. Scenic!!! Mouresi-Kissos is also nice. Zagora has nice views but is closer to Horefto beach and further from the other beaches. Tsagarada is right in the middle. Better to get around.. Lovely square too...
As you said these are some of the best villages >>> Milies ,Vizytsa , Afissos, Tsagarada, Zagora, Makrinitsa, Portaria

Makrinitsa and Portaria are right next to each other- they are close to the city of Volos. Milies and Vizitsa are very close to each other-close to Afissos too. Mt. Pelion has some of the most beautiful beaches in the region... Mylopotamos, Fakistra, Agioi Saranta, Potistika, Melani, Papa Nero, Plaka, Damouchari, Limnionas <3

Other nice villages is Pelion: Pinakates, Lafkos, Trikeri. There is also one more Chania, this is mostly for winter vacation, on the top of the mountain- it has a ski center. During August I've been there it was 15 degrees Celsius, while at the beach we had around at least 35 during the day. I suggest you decide which beaches you like best and find a place near them or one in the middle that will help you combine them all.

I hope I helped ;)

6. Posted by Riadhou (Budding Member 22 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

You have excellently described what characterizes each one if the destinations that i programed to visit. Everyone who reafs your comnents would like to visit them all .But i have to choice to visit either Tinos and syros or the Pelion .
In fact it is not the the beaches that I look for in the first place, it is rather to discover beautiful villages scenic views over the sea , beautiful scenery and landscapes,have a stroll along a beautiful harbor, attend local festivities , visit museums and some archaeological sites.So why .
If i will choose Tinos and syros,i have to scape the Pelion .In case i choose the Pelion i have to scape tinos and syros.

1) -First option:
-Flight to mykonos and the ferry to tinos
-Tinos 4 days included 1 day excursion to mykonos.
-Syros 2 days
-Ferry from syros to samos (4 hours)
(5 days in samos included an excursion from pythagorion to Ephesus).

- A direct flight from samos to thessaloniki or a flight to athens and another flight to skiathos.

If flight to thessaloniki (2 days)
- 2 days in meteora.
- Ferry from volos to skiathos (2 days)
- skopelos 5 days.
-eturn to volos and thessaloniki to flight at home.

2)- The second option:

-Flight directly to samos
-Bus to volos and rent a car to visit pelion ,meteora and sporades as in the first option.

3) -Third optiion:

- Direct Filght to tessaloniki (2 days) .
-Bus to volos and rent car to visit pelion ,meteora and sporades.
-Return to thessaloniki for a direct flight to samos for 5 days.
-Ferry to Turkey :3 days in selcuk to visit ephesus , sirence and kusadasi or Pirene and Didym.
-Flight to istanbul and stay 4 days.

Could youplease advise for the best way to realise a nice itinerary during 3 weeks? How would you organise your itinerary if you have to visit these places?
Best regads


7. Posted by rilywilliams31 (Budding Member 34 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

I would recommend Tinos, Naxos and Ios or/Syros. It is a great place to travel with families and the food there is really great.

8. Posted by Riadhou (Budding Member 22 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Thank you very much for the recommendation.
Even if i visited Paros ,sifnos,folegandros ,santorini ,rhodes,symi and Patmos before?.Do you think that the islands you recommended could be different from those?
Best regards
Riadh oueslati

9. Posted by irenevt (Travel Guru 566 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

I've only been to one Greek island - Samothrace it is the northernmost and one of the least visited. It is quiet, friendly, has lovely walks and interesting remains.

10. Posted by adamgilcristt (Inactive 7 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

You can visit these islands (Rhodes, Crete, Corfu, Paxos) in Greece with your family. All three islands are known as most favourite tourist destinations in Greece. So, you can go there and enjoy your quality times with your family and make your trip much more memorable and enjoyable.