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Has anyone done independent driving in Wahiba Sands, Oman? We read that it is stupid and dangerous to try driving in the sand dunes yourself if you don't have a relevant driving experience. But is there a way to visit the sand dunes in a less touristic and cheaper way than what the tour agencies offer? We have a 4 WD, but no desert driving experience. Would it be safe to drive to any of the desert camps and arrange a local diver / guide there? We are interested in seeing bedouin life style, camels and sand dunes themselves. Any ideas if that should be a full day trip, price, etc? What else could be requested as a part of the itinerary? Which is better: to go in one car with the local driver or in two cars (local driver /guide in one car and we follow in another car and get rescued by him if needed :))? Any advise would be great!

Thanks a lot in advance!


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I certainly wouldn't drive the sand dunes myself. Dunes are soft and powdery, it's not like a lot of driving beaches where the sand is compact and hard. I would go for the one car set up (though I was under the impression they always travel in a convoy) and if you really want to drive the dunes ask the driver if you could take the wheel for a bit and they could teach you how to properly drive through the dunes.

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I don't think it's possible for you to drive to one of the desert camps without yourself driving over the sand dunes. From memory in April, the nearest desert camp to the end of the sealed road was around 9km. The actual drive over the sand itself looked like it might have been reasonably flat but I don't know how many signposts there might have been nor how many routes which weren't to the camp.

I think you'd need a guide, either in your own 4x4 or in another one.

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Hi Dovile,

When are you there, we are heading there in about 3 weeks and will be doing the same thing a week or so later.

Cheers, Lori